Monday, June 08, 2009

The 45 King (re-up)

I only re-upped the files and adjusted the links. Rest is as posted by Andyman.
To avoid confusion, I posted the same links into the comment section of the original post. So non-readers can't miss it even if they try. ;)

Here Are 3 45 King Compilations Courtesy Of My Man Roy Johnson

Mark The 45 King - Breaks Compilation (Volume 1)
1. Take Me To The 45 King (Breakmania 1)
2. Forty Dog (45 Kingdom)
3. Hoein' (45 Kingdom)
4. Word To Snow Bird (Breakmania 2)
5. Roach Clip (45 Kingdom)
6. Simply Dope Part 1 (The Red The Black The Green)
7. The 900 Number (45 Kingdom)
8. F: Another Club Trax (Master Of The Game)
9. Breakin' Night (Breakmania 2)
10. Funky Drummer (45 Kingdom)
11. Strong Beats From A Strong Man (45 Kingdom)
12. Mark's Revenge (Straight Out Da Crate 2)
13. Bust The Break (Breakmania 1)
14. Too Smooth (Breakmania 1)
15. E: Another Club Trax (Master Of The Game)
16. Kick The Ballistics (45 Kingdom)
17. High Top Fade (Breakmania 2)
18. Simply Dope Part 2 (The Red The Black The Green)
19. Savage (45 Kingdom)
20. Extra Crispy (Breakmania 2)
21. Catchin' A Tude (Breakmania 3)
Vol. 1

Mark The 45 King - Breaks Compilation (Volume 2)
1. Get Funky (45 Kingdom)
2. Flip Da Script (Straight Out Da Crate 2)
3. Playin' Bellevue (Breakmania 2)
4. Flavor Unit In Full Effect (Rhythmical Madness)
5. Straight Out Da Crate (Straight Out Da Crate 1)
6. Groove To Get Down (Straight Out Da Crate 1)
7. Got It Goin' On (Straight Out Da Crate 1)
8. Puffin' Bizunts (Straight Out Da Crate 1)
9. Hard Damage (Breakmania 2)
10. The Squad Back In Effect (Breakmania 2)
11. Flipshot (Universal Beat Generation 3)
12. Is It Live (Straight Out Da Crate 2)
13. Joint 8 (Straight Out Da Crate 5)
14. Armed And Extremely Funky (Breakmania 2)
15. Big Willie (Beats Of The Month)
16. Fly Decision (Universal Beat Generation 3)
17. Jazz Break #5 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
18. Jazz Break #8 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
19. Jazz Break #1 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
20. Jazz Break #11 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
21. Jazz Break #3 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
22. Jazz Break #10 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
23. Groove Me (Unidentified Source)
Vol. 2

Mark The 45 King - Breaks Compilation (Volume 3)
1. Jazz Break #2 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
2. Jazz Break #6 (Tuff Ass Jazz)
3. Who What (Beats Of The Month)
4. Bullet Proof (Universal Beat Generation 3)
5. Channel 9 (Universal Beat Generation 3)
6. Standing Start (Universal Beat Generation 3)
7. Blue Street (Universal Beat Generation 3)
8. No Problem (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
9. Magic Beans (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
10. Side Dish (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
11. It's On Son (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
12. Medium Rare (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
13. Short Fuse (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
14. Meganizm (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
15. Kaboom (Grooves For A Quiet Storm)
Vol. 3

originally posted by Andyman187, Dec 07 @ 8:57 AM


Skopos said...

mannn i was expecting some dope instrumentals but these are just basic break beats that loop over and over.

i guess cool for DJ's but i was looking for some melodic stuff.

Anonymous said...

I guess you don't know about 45 King then if your expecting tinkerbell keyboard bullshit!

9@home said...

It's a compilation of breaks, yes. That's what breaks are. They're short and they need some elbow grease so they turn into real tracks. Let's say this isn't consumer-friendly beats to zone out to but more of a resource pack for DJs and producers.

RowanB said...

Some are produced and some are just breaks that 45 juggled to get the loop,.. theres not a bad groove there though.

Skopos said...

i was expecting some like grooves for a quiet storm from 45king @ 1st anonymous. thank you. i am not hating on breaks i just said i was expecting more extensive material.

Roy Johnson said...

Don't complain :)

I've been meaning to throw this shit up on the TROY blog. I think I'm gonna do a 45 King comp of straight-up instrumentals as well.

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JayDub said...

YO, are these still available?

JayDub said...

Yo! are these stil available?