Friday, June 19, 2009

Egadz. Texas. Book Of Nawledge. The Usual...

Alright, back in effect. Short & Sweet here people. Keep up.

Egadz. Dude is AMAZING. He just released a new album about a week ago, it is AMAZING. I highly recommend that you follow this link to his online store, & purchase the thing. I payed for the $7.99 version, & got all the tracks. He is also on tour right now, check his Space for Tour Dates. I've seen him live & it is a spectacle. If you can make it to a show, GO.

Egadz - Store

Egadz - Space

Cool. Some more Texas stuff here. Nice little compilation with a whole bunch of good tracks. Your usual sound from the Exponential team, stand out tracks from Ernest Gonzalez, Makestapes, [on hiatus]. I think it's a dope album...

Various Artists - Wait Til The Ice Melts << (Thanks HHB)

& Finally, another Volume in The Book Of Nawledge series. A whole bunch of random tracks I've been jamming lately. I think it's a good little mix for these upcoming warm Summer months. Don't pass this one up (It has 2 tracks from the new Egadz album, don't sleep). No Track-List, just have faith. I hope you enjoy.

Book Of Nawledge - Vol.V

There you have it. I hope that keeps things going for a little while. & As always, please feel free to comment. I always appreciate what you have to say about the beats. Let's discuss... PEACE!


Anonymous said...

please make a track list ya lazy douche, no body wants to download something that they don't know much about especially if they possibly already have the beats...

help the community by not possibly wasting our time.

Anonymous said...

fuck this guy, ALL THAT SHIT IS GOLD!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Never posted a comment, but I figured I would leave a huge thank you post. A lot of people go their entire lives looking for the soundtrack to match the passing time. For the past year or two I have been coming here to snag pieces of my own soundtrack. In a lot of ways this blog has helped me shape my person, and the music provided helps me put life in perspective.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

appreciate the Texas love as always strictly beats & nawledge!!

as for the bitter anonymous dude:

"Wait 'til the ice melts.."

01. A.M. Architect - Unspoken

02. Horizontal K - URAQTK

03. Dance Like Robots - We Were Vampires

04. Rae Davis - Pyramids

05. Mnolo - Guerra Futbol

06. Aether216 - Forgive Me

07. Wayside Dream - Catch as Catch Can

08. Ernest Gonzales - Caviar, Cigarettes, Dynamite, & Laserbeams

09. Nectarine - Blue Beacon

10. Diego - Father’s Son

11. Dead Waiter - The Liar

12. Makestapes - Outlines

13. [on hiatus] - Out of the Blue

14. Mirm - Kan-sha

also this:
newest free comp from Exponential Records @

[on hiatus]

Taybot said...

good lookin out, thanks!

Anonymous said...