Sunday, June 14, 2009

K-Murdock presents: Subsoniq: "Instru-mentals"

Back in January, I was given the opportunity to do a branch off of my show, Subsoniq. I decided to focus it on showing love to fellow producers and beatmakers by showcasing their music and instrumentals! Naturally, I called the show, "SS: Instru-Mentals" as its definitely music to throw on and zone out, smoke, rhyme, etc- to! The show airs once a month (usually every first Wednesday) on Conspiracy Worldwide Radio @ 3pm EST (US) & 8pm GMT (UK). I'm 5 shows deep so far and the feedback has been great! Below is the latest episode and u can download the rest as well as leave me requests at my blog...



1. K-Def - Gettin' Hot
2. Lightheaded - Surprise Cypher Pt. 2 (Instro)
3. dert - Dancin' Butterfly
4. Quantic - Snakes in the Grass
5. Luke Vibert - Voyage into the Unknown
6. London Funk Allstars - Chun Li vs. Wah Wah Man
7. Young Raven - I'm A Player (Instro)
8. Computer Jay - Epiphany
9. Dj Spinna - Computer Love
10. Flying Lotus - Orbit Brazil
11. Cannibal Ox - Pigeon (Instro)
12. Cut Chemist - Spoon
13. Blend crafters - Imagine
14. Quasimoto - Jazz Cats Pt. 1 (Instro)
15. Pharcyde - She Said (Remix Instro)
16. Count Bass D - August 25, 2001
17. Dre King - Smile
18. DJ Krush & DJ Cam - Le Temps
19. Uyama Hiroto - Stratus
20. J. Slikk - One Hittah Quittah
21. Floyd the Locsmif - C'mere
22. DJ Shadow - What Does Your Soul Look Like Pt. 3
23. Bottom Fly - Rhyme or Reason
24. K-Murdock - Hey Bonita!


Geesucation said...

the show is fresh n thnkx 4 da download!!

Ogami_itto said...

Very nice session. Definitely started my day off right with 2 hours of dopeness. Thanks K.

PoSiTiVe said...

I didn't find any contact, so I'm gonna post my request here.
I been looking for some instrumentals over the Internet to make a mixtape, but the ones I'm looking for are hard to find.
Here's the instrumentals I'm looking for:
- KRS-One - "Mad Crew" (Return of the Boom Bap)
- Busta Rhymes - "I'll Do It All" (Big Bang)
- Method Man & Redman - "Cereal Killer" (Blackout)
- Public Enemy - "I" (There's A Poison Goin' On)
- Pharoahe Monch - "No Mercy" (Internal Affairs)

If you have one of those please give me a link.
Thanks and keep the good work!

Beat Gobbler said...

Thanks for sharing a wonder album.

Magic P said...

Great mix Murdock, I'll have to check out the older shows.


CosmoRetroIntroOutro said...

yes, yes, yes! dope, dope, dope!

Anonymous said...