Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson - Instrumental Version Collection

01. Billie Jean
02. Thriller
03. Bad
04. The Way You Make Me Feel
05. Man In The Mirror
06. Dirty Diana
07. Another Part Of Me


There's some TV tracks, so background vocals (and Vincent Price) are present throughout.



Anonymous said...

nice one. thanks. RIP Michael.

alex said...

many thanks man
appreciated here in the UK

DJ lucki said...


soulguru said...

Pump it or dump it?

A DIY instrumental of a classic Jacksons tune, I have plenty, but this is my 1st online submission:

I'll also post in comment section for a wider response.

Anonymous said...

responding to SG.

that track you uploaded has him singing the whole time. it's not much of an instrumental at all really. probably a very bad choice for your first submission considering, also all the motown tracks that released acapellas, RELEASED instrumentals on the same releases.

so there is alreay a public/studio release of every instrumental that was released on the motown acapella/instrumental series' RELEASES

just for your information

Anonymous said...

um.. okay... looping instrumentals is not making a diy instrumental. AT ALL>... LOL poorly i might, seriously... FAIL no offense

soulguru said...

To the first anon:

3 points...

Thanks for your reply...

1) I had the entire Motown instr & acappella series back in 2005- waaaay BEFORE Strictly posted it (just for your information), and the track I submitted is from the Epic/nee Philly International label. Michael's label for Off The Wall as well.

2)The Jacksons file is a D-U-B which reads= voices are expected to be overdubbed. Many legit instr's include dubs. Esp of R&B variety, usually in the hook.

3) As for your "probably a very bad choice for your first submission", I guess you have to like the original to begin with. I agree, I could've done better but I just mixed-pasted and over-dubbed in order to upload while interest in MJJ is still in effect. I've also had positive feedback, but mostly from folks (like myself) who are already familiar with the song. Of course not all will like it, but that's OK.

To the 2nd anon:

1) I disagree, it IS a DIY because I did it myself. LOL.

2) No offense taken, that's why I asked for opinions.

3) Looping ONLY? um, uh, you didn't hear an intro, a refrain, a hook, a bridge, a change-up AND an outro? Even added, MJJ's "I Can't Help It (1979) as a sample! LOL

Again, thanks, I was hoping more would respond.

Why post anon? I'm not sensitive to criticism and won't attack ya!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


i heard it all, but the edits are sloppy, seriously, u can hear a cut that isnt seem less like 5 times at least and that's not including the ones that happen everytime the loop hits and at the end of it there's a fraction of a vocal that get jerked out.

prolly better ways of doing it, like blending something that doesn't cut so abruptly to the end of that loop etc

;) enjoy the blending.

fyi, a diy with acapellas and instrumentals means noise cancellation typically, so it's misleading to label it that way.

a d.i.y. your refering to is really like changing your own oil or hemming your own nothing more than an edit. just my opinion.


Anonymous said...

if you want post the track here, the original and i'll show you my approach to solutions where i hear problems.

soulguru said...

Thank you for the more INDEPTH review...

You MUST be a Strictly Beats contributor or from the Inheritors blog. Let's make a deal. You reveal your identity (screen name) & I'll gladly upload the original track to hear what you'd do to it.

CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM (what I was seeking) is ALWAYS welcome.


i dunno said...

Dubbing aside, the same beginning part of vocal comes up at the end of the loop. Usually if I can't get rid of vocals in the main loop, it isn't worth doing IMO. Also I can't figure out why you threw in I Can't Help It.

soulguru said...

Here's the Original, so let's see what ya got?


djadvance said...

Here's my tribute to the king of pop, in the best hip hop songs that sample him:

soulguru said...

Added KanYe's "Everything I Am" (never released as an official leak) instrumental to my MediaFire folder

link's in name

Anonymous said...

Thank you very very much from France.
RiP MJ, love you forever

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Anonymous said...

doe s it works on ps2?

Anonymous said...

How do I download? clicked the "enjoy" link but don't know where to go from there