Thursday, June 25, 2009

Las Flores Project - Colores Y Memorias

Alright, somethin new & different here for ya. Just got this over @ HHB, my boy Sniper put this up so I knew it was something to snag. This album is LEGIT. Don't know too much about the artist, pretty sure it is just one guy based out of NY. Just put it on & zone out, good driving/chilling/headphone/workin tunes. Let us know what you think!

Oh, & RIP the king of POP!!

Las Flores Project - Colores Y Memorias << ** Link Removed by Artist Request **
(Y'all should buy it. Don't pass it up)


Anonymous said...

Not there!

Anonymous said...

File has been removed by uploader

Tarona said...

Hey whats up?
I would love to buy this album, but I'm from the Netherlands so I wouldn't know where to purchase this album ( on vynil ).

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I got my copy from musical schizo, (google it, first result) It's really good stuff/ I'd gladly pay for this but let's be real, this is very unlikely to be available at my local record store.

Anonymous said...


Семён said...

something between Bonobo & Cinematic Orchestra, lovely, very lovely music. thanks for that name.