Saturday, June 13, 2009

High & Mighty Instrumentals

Oh Mi Mi Mi...

It's weird but I have this on my HD and it's not on here (not that I could find it). Prolly a bootleg of collected High & Mighty beats, mostly from the Homefield Advantage album and era. In great part produced by Mighty Mi, some by Alchemist, some by Reef. Essential listening, if you ask me.

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High & Mighty Instrumentals

edit: Turns out I got it from our brother blog
Acapella Archives & Instrumentals.
This is the original posting. Give the fellas some love.


Anonymous said...

it's not posted here because it was posted at acapellarchives and we were trying to not post the same thing in two places ;)

Anonymous said...

by the way, goodwill posted the acapellas to home field advantage at acapellarchives blogspot a while back

9@home said...

oh, um... I knew there must have been a reason.
shall I take it down?
or link to your post at acapellas?
how about some e-spect? ;)

Anonymous said...

the high shit, the mighty shit

Anonymous said...

aha saul goodman, i'd leave it up if it's getting downloaded;)

and yeah a link to the acapellas would be niceee.


EricSepulveda said...

thanks mang

Anonymous said...