Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele

01. Nutmeg
02. One
03. Saturday Nite
04. Ghost Deini
05. Apollo Kids
06. The Grain
07. Buck 50
08. Mighty Healthy
09. Stay True
10. We Made It
11. Stroke of Death
12. Malcolm
13. Who Would You Fuck
14. Child's Play
15. Cher Chez La Ghost
16. Wu Banga 101

10 years ago, Ghostface decided it would be a good idea to involve RZA in making a Wu record. It turned out he was right, as this album is noted for "saving the Wu".

For the 10 of you who fell for Dreddy Kruger's evil scheme of selling internet rips on CDR and not even checking if they didn't skip, this is the vinyl rip. This cover just looks better.



d.jimenez85 said...

Great drop. Love this album. "One" is a top favorite hip hop joint for me. Thanks.
-dj85 said...

To my mind everyone may read it.