Saturday, February 06, 2010

Euphonic a.k.a Ben Mehoff

The Beatapes and or Euphonic himself posted these two beattapes in the c-box sometime last year. I appraently saved them to a folder that I rarely use on my hard drive and just discovered them this morning. After listening to them I couldnt wait to post them up and share them. Both beat tapes had me vibing through their entirety. Oh, and before I forget "The Evolution of the BeatApe" beat tape contains a couple of Jay Z remixes that blew my mind and Im not even a Jay Z fan :-) With that being said, keep an eye out for this dude. Stop by his page and show him love if your feeling his music.


Download Euphonic a.k.a Ben Mehoff - Evolution of The BeatApe

Download Euphonic - Back In Action Vol.1


beat-ape4 said...

Hell yeah, You all should know that Ben Mehoff can rock with the best of them. Thanks for posting these tapes boogie,

Anonymous said...

anychance of a multiupload link

would appreciate

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway I can download a zip file instead of rar.? thank u