Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jake One - The Stimulus Package Instrumentals

01. Stimulus Intro
02. Throw Your Hands Up
03. One Foot In
04. She Makes Me Feel Alright
05. Never Gonna Change
06. One Thing
07. Know What I Mean
08. The Product
09. Microphone Killa
10. Follow My Moves
11. Sho' Nuff
12. Freekin' The Beat
13. Money
14. Free People
15. Stimulus Outro

After many collabos, Freeway announced that he was doing a whole album with Jake One production for summer 2009. After some delay, the album is here and looks to get heavy rotation around the home. Included in the very nice packaging is a download card for the instrumentals. If you only wanna rock with Jake One, then this is the version for you.


Or if you don't care for Rapidshare, go here


[aMc] said...

Do u have anything other than rapidshare they have been dicking me around 4 a while saying there are no free slots,everyday on every file i try to download from them...thanks in advance

i dunno said...

I try to hit up multiupload or sharebee first, but if they hang for whatever reason, it's everyone's favorite file sharing site. I'll try it again later though.

ray said...

[amc] maybe u should actually buy an rs acct? u clearly dont wanna support jake&free....

[aMc] said...

i had actually bought an rs account prior but its expired. @ Ray I actually pre ordered the album of the stimulus package i just want the instrumentals and how bout u Ray did u buy it??? hmmm.

[aMc] said...

@ i dunno, i appreciate the effort, megaupload, mediafire, zshare etc would be great and again thanks.

Anonymous said...

some good product

Anonymous said...

Fucking awesome!!! I have been dying for these. Jake One is a monster!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sir!!!! I've been looking for this heat!!

Michael said...

Great blog mano. Thank you for the Jake One joints.

Brent said...

I'm pretty sure the album is supposed to come with the instrumentals if you got a hard copy of it

Granmah said...

Can anybody reup? None of the links work. Thanks!

[aMc] said...

@Brent...i just got it in the mail yesterday...album took forever to get here and i needed the instrumentals asap...but yea it does come with a download card for the instrumentals.

aag419@yahoo.com said...

i got the card and i cant find the link on fifthelement to download it.....can anyone direct me please?