Friday, February 26, 2010

station instrumental video

check it out!

you don't have to like it;)

so eric makes a weekly instrumental mixtape and posts it at various places around the blogosphere, goes by the monicker 'station'. this video is all home made (and documents the path that the canvas in this case takes to become a finished piece of work) and meant to have a raw feel, as is the art and the music he makes. he is working on a longer video that will come out soon, until then, dig the art, music, video and combo-nations.

check out more of his projects here,

this is the type of art and video and music that an artist can appreciate.

i will be posting some of his instrumental albums in the future, so be on the look out and for all you judgemental so called elitists out there, welp i'm sure you'll have a hard time wrapping your head around what he's doing and love to hate on it, until then and for now...

seacrest out!


eric said...

good looking out goodwill, thanks for posting my shit!

part two of the Festation video is at:

that is the end of this canvass.

next vid will be serious. and i am also working on one for Oddisee right now, so look out.

dlite said...