Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh No - Dr. No's Ethiopium [no link]

Oh No going all Dr. No on some 60s - 70s Ethiopian records. As someone with an East African heritage and love for instrumentals I enjoy the idea of this. As a beat maker with access to similar songs I'm kicking myself for not doing this first.

Split up tracks unlike the other version out there. That might justify this post being late (and possibly a mirage).

[original post -- i dunno]

---link removed at Stone's Throw's 'request':

You might want to remove this post before Google removes your blog.

No doubt you’re aware that Google has made it easier than ever to report things like this, and has stepped up taking action on them. I’m not out to shut down your blog, but I just thought I’d give you heads up that I’ve send them a complaint already.

I don't usually publish the rare e-mails I get like this but this one's different. 'I didn't want to try to shut you down...' ---djesp


Anonymous said...

Sup with this dude actin like a bitch.

Anonymous said...

just start being more discrete with how you place the links.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's easy for you guys to talk shit but try putting yourselves in their position. Music is what pays their bills. These guys aren't balling by any means, they don't own homes, don't drive Bentley's, and don't have sneaker collections that take up an extra room. It's INDEPENDENT music. Stonesthrow undoubtedly puts out great music, so is it too hard to comprehend that in order to keep putting out good music they need SUPPORT. What if they went to the McDonalds that you work at, ordered a #2, and just walked out? And then you tell them to pay for it and they said "Quit acting like a bitch"

Anonymous said...

^- Shut the fuck up. Still doesn't justify the way the handled the situation. All they had to was ask, that easy. Also, this is one of the FEW sites that were made for people who actually contribute to hip-hop. If anyone is gonna buy there albums it's gonna be us.

Also, half the things you said were irrelevant.