Saturday, February 13, 2010

DJ Grumble - "Freestyle Tools" series

File under "you can't always judge an album by its cover" -- DJ Grumble's "Freestyle Tools" series. Grumble's been putting in steady work in the last three years which flew under my radar until he reached out.

Again, don't let the covers fool you -- start with a sample cut pulled out from each album if you're skeptical.

"Cig Song" from Freestyle Tools Volume 1:

Freestyle Tools Vol. 1
(160 kb/s)

"Deep Fried" from Freestyle Tools Volume 2:

Freestyle Tools Vol. 2
(128 kb/s)

"The Phantom" from Freestyle Tools Volume 3:

Freestyle Tools Vol. 3
(160 kb/s)

"Criminal Loot" from Freestyle Tools Volume 4:

Freestyle Tools Vol. 4
(128 kb/s)

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Anonymous said...

hell yeah they are nice ! where have you been! you shouldve posted these a while back. i got them from

Anonymous said...

Damn this Grumble cat goes hard! Bringin that old school flare an up to date feel and sound...big ups!

Anonymous said...

this shit is extremely hot!!
thanks for this

eric said...

hot as it gets. this is illness. 'bout time someone came through with some fire. good looking out on this... dude is top notch.

Grumble said...

thanks for showin some love yall

Anonymous said...

i have to say it again, grumble is DOPE!! will there be a "freestyle tool"tape vol.5?
germany would be happy said...

I read really much effective material above!