Monday, February 01, 2010

MATTERHORN! & Deathstare...

So, my main man Egadz returns with his freshest batch of production under the new alias Matterhorn. I'll drop a quick quote, "It's been five years since any sort of legitimate project has been released from Dj Egadz. This is the new Matterhorn album entitled "Death Stare". While no release date has been set for the official version, we will be selling only 200 copies of this very limited edition CD and an 18 x 24 glow in the dark silk screened poster. These will sell fast.. don't sleep on it".

I already got my copy, & I'd appreciate if some of you would head on over and send some $$$ his way. He works really hard and deserves every bit of it (for those of you that have been to his live shows, you know he deserves it) and don't forget that he hooked us up with that Edison album to post. Also, he's doing a Northwest US tour with Edison & DJ Pain, before heading off to Europe, so go see him live if you can. He continues to blow minds every time I see him... So, hit up this link & pick up an album that I know will be a Heavy-Repeater! DO IT HERE!

"Of all the albums I have ever made, this is by far my favorite."
-Dj Egadz

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