Wednesday, December 06, 2006

By Request: Athletic Mic League

Sorry guys, no cover on this one. The reason for that is because this is just a bunch of instrumentals I've picked up. Some are from the Athletic Mic League, others from underground rapper One.Be.Lo. Most are from vinyl releases, and it took some digging to grab these ones. In my opinion, all of these are well-worth checking out, as they are pretty rare (only released on vinyl), and they have top-quality production. If you like the beats, I strongly suggest checking out the albums. Both AML & OBL have amazing albums, and this is where the beats come from. (I'm not sure that last sentence made any sort of gramatical sense, so apologies for that one.)
I'll just shut up now and give you the music.

Athletic Mic League:
My Time
One Be Lo:
Decepticons (Pete Rock Remix)
Decepticons (Original Instrumental)

Enjoy everyone; Get It Here :)


Dan Love said...

That Pete Rock Decepticons mix is absolutely bangin'. Love it when people take classic samples and flip them - shouts for the post. dan@fromdabricks

Jefferson said...

New link.

Rapidshare says the file could not be found.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah a re-up would be great!!