Sunday, December 10, 2006

Have You Forgotten Who I Am?!?!

Jay Dee/ J. Dilla - Beat Tape Number One (2005)
This is getting a lot of internet circulation, and well-deserved. This is dope! Supposedly there are four other volumes of this "beat tape" stuff, but I've yet to find any of it. So, if anyone's got Volumes 2-5, let me know. I can't find any covers for this stuff either, so some help with that would be appreciated. Finally, I'm still fiending for the Murs - "Walk Like A Man" DVD. I've been sent the soundtrack, but the movie is what I wanna have most. Gracias amigos. Enjoy the music.

1. humbum
2. dedication
3. y'all aint ready for it
4. electronic hum
5. marvin & the fam
6. 1 for the treble & 2 for the bass
7. bass & keys duet
8. sum epic shit
9. code of the streets
10. rock n roll
11. phantom of the synths
12. pledge the beat
13. zelda
14. zelda 2
15. answering machine
16. brand new shit with the blend
17. sleeping like a dog
18. the king swirling
19. chipmunk gets down
20. hey hey hey heyyyy
21. sum spooky shit
22. bup ba bup bup ba ba ba
23. guitar & buggin violin
24. blowin into coke bottles
35. and i wanna escape
26. track 26
27. watchin smurfs on shrooms
28. the future
29. back with the claps
30. smokey in the pigeon coop
31. do you
32. allright
33. dig it
34. have you forgotten who i am
35. zen guitar

download it, you won't regret it.


Grandulon said...

heres a badman link

atcq718 said...

link doesnt work.. please re-upload.. thank u

Anonymous said...

This link dosn't work. I'd appreciate a re-up. Thanks.

consoladores said...

This won't truly have success, I think this way.