Monday, December 18, 2006

El Fudge - Chronic Irresponsibilty (2001)

192 kbps

El Fudge - Chronic Irresponsibilty

1. New York Olympic Games
2. Bad Habits
3. Worldwide - El-Fudge & Mr. 45
4. Dede
5. Realise - El-Fudge & J Live
6. Night At Grant's Tomb
7. Night At Hunt's Point
8. Beware
9. Rockin' It
10. Talk To The Hand - El-Fudge & Temptress
11. New York Minute - El-Fudge & Mr. Complex
12. Star Wars (JB remix)
13. One Fudge


0ptimus said...

dam i didnt even kno this link still worked.
well anywayz this is a nice lil collection of beatz u guys should definetly check it out.

Leave Your Nine At Home said...

Should the other one give out, here's another one. (I once upped it w/o checking if the old one's still workin. So there...)

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