Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More J Dilla For Everyone!

I was suprised this hadn't been posted yet, so this is incredibly highly recommended, and if you buy this (please do, support the artist), some of the money goes towards cancer research. RIP Dilla.
Enjoy the music everyone.

Old Donuts:
1. get at me
2. the 80's
3. dee zee
4. play it loud
5. daylight
6. tipster
7. in the park
8. one two
9. this is it
10. dont say a word
11. bounce
12. here we come
13. lalala
14. in the spot
15. mc squared
16. u niggaz aint
17. village
18. say it big
19. movin'
20. you and your smile
21. 2morrow
22. prince
23. twentyfour
get it here.

The Shining:
1. Geek Down
2. E=MC2
3. Love Jones
4. Love
5. Baby
6. So Far to Go
7. Jungle Love
8. Over the Breaks
9. Body Movin'
10. Dime Piece [Remix]
11. Love Movin'
12. Won't Do
grab this one too!


gharaa said...

Can you reupload "The Shining instrumentals", please? I can't find it anywhere. said...

This can't work in fact, that is exactly what I consider.