Thursday, December 14, 2006

The New Groove: Blue Note Remix Project Vol. 1 (1996)

Check the credits...a number of production heavyweights reinterpret some Blue Note classics. Some throwaway tracks on here (despite a dope Pharcyde remix, The Angel consistently disappointed), but don't miss the LG Experience's take on "Friends & Strangers", shit is wicked.

FYI, this was ripped from vinyl, and it IS in print and available (hint: buy it if you're feeling it)

The New Groove: Blue Note Remix Project Vol. 1
(192 kb/s)

01 "The Sophisticated Hippie" (Easy Mo Bee/Horace Silver)
02 "Living for the City" (DJ Smash/Stevie Wonder)
03 "Listen Here" (Guru/Gene Harris)
04 "Montara" (The Roots/Bobby Hutcherson) **contains vocals
05 "Kofi(Heavy Beats Mix)" (The Angel/Donald Byrd) **contains vocals
06 "Kofi(The Jazz Master Mix)" (The Angel/Donald Byrd)
07 "Hummin'" (Large Professor/Nat Adderly)
08 "Move Your Hand" (Michael Franti/Lonnie Smith) **contains vocals
09 "Summer Song" (Diamond D/Ronnie Foster)
10 "Friends & Strangers" (The LG Experience/Ronnie Laws)
11 "Down Here On the Ground" (The Ummah/Grant Green) **contains vocals
12 "Mixed Feelings(The New Groove - Sub Sonic Mix)" (The Angel/Jacky Terrasson) **contains vocals
13 "Mixed Feelings(The New Groove - Dubbalicious)" (The Angel/Jacky Terrasson) **contains vocals
14 "Mixed Feelings(The New Groove)" (The Angel/Jacky Terrasson) **contains vocals

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