Saturday, December 02, 2006

Pete Rock Drop!


1. A Little Soul
2. Play Dis Only at Night
3. Something Funky
4. For the People
5. Hip Hopcrisy
6. Smooth Sailing
7. Pete's Jazz
8. The Boss
9. Get Involved
10. Give it to Y'all
11. Walk on By
12. Cake
13. What You Waiting For
14. Take the D-Train

Petestrumentals? I think Tom Doggett put it best. 'I believe that this is Pete Rock's finest work. Even if a copy of the newer version is obtained, the wondrous music will still be intact. It is the most indicative of what he stands for as an artist, and because he has the center stage, "Petestrumentals" is unfettered Soul Brother. His artistry has spawned better, more important moments on wax, such as the epic "Shut ‘Em Down" remix, but these moments are not as concentrated anywhere else as they are here. Above anything else, this is Pete Rock. He is breathing down the neck of each song, giving the collection a life that is spawned directly from his studio and nowhere else. If Pete Rock is among your favorites but this record does not reside in your collection, or if you just want a relaxing set of grooves, get a hold of "Petestrumentals."' Enjoy!

More Petestrumentals

This is some leftovers from Pete Rock's classic Petestrumentals. If you've heard Petestrumentals, you undoubtably loved it, so you don't wanna miss this. Enjoy!

Edo G - My Own Worst Enemy Instrumentals

Edo G - My Own Worst Enemy Instrumentals

1. Boston (Produced by Pete Rock)
2. Just Call My Name (Produced by Pete Rock)
3. Voices (Produced by Pete Rock)
4. School'em (Produced by Pete Rock)
5. Streets is Callin' (Produced by Diamond D)
6. Pay the Price (Produced by Pete Rock)
7. Wishing (Produced by DJ Supreme One)
8. Right Now! (Produced by Pete Rock)
9. Stop Dat (Produced by Pete Rock)
10. Revolution (Produced by DJ Revolution)

Very nice album, with the bulk of the album produced by Pete Rock. All producers come through and produce some of their finest beats to make this album a classic. Enjoy!

Soulbrotha Beats

Soulbrotha Beats

A collection of random beats from Pete Rock. I don't think these came from any particular source. In fact, I think these might be all original. One way or the other, they kick ass. Enjoy!

The Main Ingredient Instrumentals

The Main Ingredient Instrumentals

1. In The House (Instrumental)
2. Carmel City (Instrumental)
3. I Get Physical (Instrumental)
4. Sun Won't Come Out (Instrumental)
5. I Gotta Love (Instrumental)
6. Escape (Instrumental)
7. The Main Ingredient (Instrumental)
8. Worldwide (Instrumental)
9. All the Places (Instrumental)
10. Tell Me (Instrumental)
11. Take You There (Instrumental)
12. Searching (Instrumental)
13. Check it Out (Instrumental)
14. In the Flesh (Instrumental)
15. It's on You (Instrumental)
16. Get on the Mic (Instrumental)

The instrumentals from the classic Pete Rock & CL Smooth release. We got to hear Pete Rock's perfect production and CL Smooth's incredible lyrics the first time around. This time we get to hear just Pete Rock's perfect production. :) Enjoy!

The Surviving Elements From Soul Survivor II Sessions

The Surviving Elements: From Soul Survivor II Sessions

1. You Remind Me
2. Hop, Skip & Jump
3. (Pimp) Strut
4. Glowing
5. Smoking Room Only
6. Flying
7. Marching On
8. Placebo
9. Standard
10. Midnight and You
11. Fairground
12. Stormy Weather
13. Hip 2 Hip
14. U are What U Are
15. Intrigue

This is my second faviorite LP from Pete Rock, the first being Petestrumentals. From what I'm to understand, these are the instrumentals that didn't make it onto Soul Survivor II, another classic release. This one is different from Petestrumentals in the respect that rapping over these are possible. Petestrumentals couldn't be rapped over because it would completely ruin Pete Rock's genius work. One last time: Enjoy!


I'm looking for any Pete Rock instrumentals that you don't see here (no looped), and Petestrumentals (Updated Version). If you have any of these, they'd be greatly appreciated. One!


thisistomorrow said...

hi there
the soulbrother beats are all the beat skits from the soul survivor 1 album
check out for original samples and soul/funk/hiphop...

carlos said...

DUDE, i am in love with the main ingredient, and the instrumentals aren't here any more!!! could somebody PLEASE hook me up? i'd be forever grateful...

Anonymous said...

Hi it seems that the rapid share link is dead.
also for Kan Kick.
Could you put them available again?


Unknown said...

Pete Rock should release that More PeteStrumentals album. It's sad it never came out.