Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Crooklyn Clan - Eargasmz (1996)

I have mixed feelings about the whole AV8 business (i.e. DJ's Sizzahandz & Riz); you can't deny that their beats are good for mixing at a party, but essentially, they create anthems out of anthems. This one's got a cut called "Juice + Gin", love the feel-good sample they rock for the first third of the cut.

Crooklyn Clan - Eargasmz
(encoded at 192 kb/s)

01 A Brooklyn Thing (crooklyn anthem)
02 Juice + Gin (hello armand)
03 A Like This Yall (east meets west mix)
04 Dirty Dub


Anonymous said...

can you give a reup for this one please big thx

Anonymous said...

would be very nice to git a reup bro... is it possible? big thx in advance