Friday, December 08, 2006

Molemen: (His-)Panik Instrumentals 5-7

The man His-Panik, also simply known as Panik, who makes up one third of the Molemen production genius, has a whole truckload of instrumental albums out. Here's 5, 6 and 7. (If anyone knows if 1-4 actually exist and why they're nowhere to be found in any discography, fill me in.)

Needless to say, these beats make me regret giving up writing rhymes so early in my teenagehood.

For Vol. 5 I haven't been able to find any track names or a cover pic, I'm afraid.

Panik Instrumentals Vol. 5

1. Just Cause
2. No Tengo Dinero
3. Rappin Robot Beat
4. Another Airport "75" Banger
5. Quarup
6. Lonely Hunter
7. Time Does Tell
8. A.R.B.
9. Merlin's Prophecy
10. Blessed By The God
11. Back From NYC "Da Beat"
12. Sandro
13. Don't Front
14. Arca
15. Simon Limon
16. Sincere Relation
17. Makin History
18. An Unfuckwitable Hip Hop Niggas
19. Fuck 45's
20. 2000 And Beyond

Panik Instrumentals Vol. 6

1. Bartel
2. Somewhere
3. Nirvana
4. Carnival
5. Quiero Dibujarte
6. Insierne
7. Never Knew
8. Ser De Ti
9. Strike Back
10. Good Morning Headache
11. It's You
12. Shucks
13. The Other Side
14. My Soul Lies Deep
15. Piensalo
16. Credo
17. I Hold No Grudge
18. The Holy Grail
19. Paloma (segunda parte)
20. Unete
21. Oh Lord

Panik Instrumentals Vol. 7



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You are the muhfuckin MAN

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guyz, reup pliz (His-)Panik Instrumentals 5-7, the links are dead! much appreciation fo yo blog

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Ahh damn these Links are death...i would appreciate a Re-Up nahmean...pzzz!

ModazingStreets said...

First of all.Great respect for the man,who have made this blog.Also great thanks for all the instrumentals you share with us.But i would glad,if you could re-upload the Panik's Instr. Vol 7,because links are "dead" as have already said the man before me.
Thanks again

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please re up!!!!

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Please re-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!