Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays (A MEGA POST!)

Hope y'all like what I got for you today. We got plenty of Dilla, and some Jurassic 5.

Dilla Beats (43 tracks)
Beat CD #2 (for those who haven't got in already - 30 tracks)
The Sessions (31 tracks)
Another Batch (38 tracks)
The MPC 3000 (36 tracks)
The Jay Dee Project (15 tracks - includes the very sought-after "Fall In Love" by Slum Village!!)

Jurassic 5: Feedback
Originally from Arnie-Bossplayer, re-upped by me.
1. Back 4 U
2. Radio
3. Brown Girl
4. Gotta Understand
5. In the House
6. Baby Please
7. Work It Out
8. Where We At
9. Get It Together
10. Future Sound
11. J Resume (Skit)
12. Red Hot
13. Turn It Out
14. End Up Like This
15. Canto de Ossanha

Enjoy the holidays everyone.


buzz said...

hi, could u reup the dilla stuff? i'm a die hard fan of this genius! or get back @ me here : buzz at hawaii dot com
peace and ONE

Odetta said...

If it's possible could you reup the dilla stuff? Thanks.

Tipz said...

re -up pls

Emerald Morrell said...

CAN YOU PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE Re-Up These Jay Dee Beats? Id like to hear them & use them.


Bell MO said...

hip hop beats for sale