Monday, November 13, 2006

7L & Beyonder - Welcome To Shaftville

01. Shaftville Theme
02. Hammering On
03. No Heart Mafukas
04. Mean Mamma Head
05. Safety Bounce
06. Tight Wad Charlie
07. La La La
08. Let's Get To Know Each Other More
09. Gold Digger
10. Good Intention
11. Bass Shiver
12. Operation Code X
13. Where The Action Is
14. That B*tch Looks Good
15. The Slow Position
16. Bad Company
17. Puffing Billy
18. Line Of Duty
19. The New Religion

Well, not too much to say here. 7L & Beyonder. Too bad there isn't more Beyonder stuff, he's pretty dope. I wouldn't go so far to say that this disc is classic or anything but, it's pretty hot. Some funny 70's Black Funk Movie Sample Interludes mixed in for entertainment. Drop some words Fam. Peace.

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thanx much!