Friday, November 03, 2006

An archive for instrumentals.

After seeing a lot of heads interested in instrumental albums over at Twelve Inchers, I (along with some others) realized that an archive dedicated to hip-hop instrumentals would be extremely useful. Since we're all short on time it seems, the easiest way to go about it is clearly through Blogger.

The contributers to this site will obviously do their best to keep things moving, but ultimately, this site's purpose is to serve as an archive...which means it's all of ours, hopefully. If you've got an instrumental EP/LP that hasn't been upped (or has been upped to another blog), drop a link in the C-box; if you've got a grip of them, join as a contributer. All ya gotta do is ask, this isn't an exclusive club.

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P-Why? said...

I love instrumentals :)

My current list of instrumental albums :
50 Cent - Get Rich Or Die Tryin
50 Cent - The Massacre
50 Cent - Bulletproof
ATCQ - The Love Movement
Big Pun - Capital Punishment
Black Moon - Enta Da Stage
Black Star - Black Star
Busta Rhymes - The Big Bang
Cage - Hell's Winter
Cappadonna - The Pillage
CNN - The War Report
Common - Resurrection
Common - Like Water For Chocolate
Common - Be
Deltron 3030 - Deltron 3030
Diamond D - Stunts Blunts & Hip Hop
Dilated Peoples - The Platform
DITC - Worldwide
DJ Muggs Vs. GZA - Grandmasters
Dr. Dre - 2001
Ed OG & Pete Rock - My Own Worst Enemy
Eminem - The Marshall Mathers EP
Eminem - Encore
G-Unit - Beg For Mercy
Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele
Gorillaz - Demon Days
Group Home - Livin Proof
GZA - Beneath The Surface
GZA - Liquid Swords
Ill Bill - What's Wrong With Bill
INI - Center Of Attention
Inspectah Deck - Uncontrolled Substance
Jay-Z - Blueprint
Jaylib - Champion Sound
Jedi Mind Tricks - Violent By Design
Jedi Mind Tricks - Visions Of Ghandi
Jedi Mind Tricks - Legacy Of Blood
Kanye West - College Dropout
Kenn Starr - Starr Status
Killah Priest - Heavy Mental
Little Brother - The Minstrel Show
Lootpack - Soundpieces Da Antidote
Lord Finesse - The Awakening
Madlib - The Unseen
MED - Push Comes To Shove
MF Doom - Madvillain
Mobb Deep - Hell On Earth
Mobb Deep - Blood Money
Nas - Illmatic
Nas - Stillmatic
Nas - God's Son
Nas - God's Stepson
Necro - I Need Drugs
Necro - Brutality Part 1
Notorious BIG - Ready To Die
Outkast - ATLiens
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Mecca And The Soul Brother
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - The Main Ingredient
Pete Rock - Soul Survivor II
Pete Rock - The Surviving Elements
Pete Rock - Petestrumentals
Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
Souls Of Mischief - 93 Til Infinity
The Game - The Documentary
Three 6 Mafia - Most Known Unknowns
Wu-Tang Clan - Enter The 36 Chambers
Wu-Tang Clan - Forever

I also got a few Instrumental only albums (like DJ Spinna's Compositions, Fanatik - Nothin' But A Beat Thang...) and lots of individual tracks from different artists.

Krooked1 said...

any chance up upping those jmt instrumentals?

P-Why? said...

No problem, upping them right now ;)

RealisT said...

รพ · ¥

please can you upload Mobb Deep - Hell on Earth instrumentals?

Ferry said...

yo, can you up CNN - The War Report ?

P-Why? said...

The three JMT albums :

Gonna upload the CNN and Mobb Deep as soon as I can ;)

djespionage said...

@p-why?: good loooking out, your collection is a LOT more thorough than mine. if you'd like to make posts, email me at ...or if you'd prefer, u could post links in the comments or c-box and i'll drop 'em in posts. either way, looking forward to as many ups as you can do..!

P-Why? said...

Robsteady already posted a lot of those albums in the C-Box, and I won't really have time for any posts. But I can still upload a few of em :)
Here's the Mobb Deep - Hell On Earth album, with different links in case you're allergic to sendspace, rapidshare or megaupload ^_^
Upping the CNN right now, and that'll be all for the day ;)

RealisT said...



P-Why? said...

Here's the CNN album :

And I'm out...

nickmontague said...

could you re-upload the three JMT albums? there not working..AND the big pun, black star, cage, common (lwfc and be), dialated peoples, ghostface, both gza albums, ill bill, jaylib, nas (illmatic and gods son), and wu tang (forever). if you dont mind. it'll be appreciated

soulmatic said...

P-why can you please re-up NaS - Stillmatic instrumental album please and thank you i've been tryna find this one but all the links are dead no longer alive pleasee thanks

Anonymous said...


Jamal said...

Can Someone Please Re Up Diamond D Stunts, Blunts, & Hip Hop Instrumentals And Send Them On Megaupload Or Rapidshare?