Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Tribe Called Quest - Various Instrumentals (2002)

~190 kbps (VBR)

A Tribe Called Quest - Various Instrumentals (pass: Alkapone)

01 - Left My Wallet In El Segundo (Producer: ATCQ)
02 - Public Enemy (Producer: Jungle Brothers)
03 - Bonita Applebum (Producer: ATCQ)
04 - Muhammed Mr (Producer: ATCQ)
05 - Check The Rhyme (Producer: ATCQ)
06 - Jazz (Remix) (Producer: ATCQ?)
07 - Scenario (Producer: ATCQ)
08 - Hot Sex (Producer: ATCQ)
09 - Award Tour (Producer: ATCQ)
10 - Electric Relaxation (Producer: ATCQ)
11 - 1nce Again (Producer: The Ummah; Jay Dee)
12 - Stressed Out (Remix) (Producer: The Ummah; Raphael Saadiq)
13 - Word Play (Producer: The Ummah; Jay Dee)
14 - Jam (Producer: The Ummah; Jay Dee)
15 - Stressed Out (Orig. Mix) (Producer: The Ummah; Jay Dee)


khy boogie said...

oh my bad, password is in the title! Alkapone - me dumb

rasta far i said...

hey hey my man please help me
the password doesn´t work
please help!!!!

Anonymous said...

damn the password really doesnt work....please fix that...Thx in advance

Anonymous said...

my bad, it works...i wrote it "alkapone" but it really is "Alkapone"... maybe this helps u rasta far i...thx for this gem