Monday, November 13, 2006

Nightmares On Wax - Carboot Soul

1. Nights Interlude Pt.2 (Les Nuits)
2. Morse
3. Ethnic Majority
4. Jorge
5. Finer
6. Ease Jimi
7. Argha Noah
8. Fire In The Middle
9. Survival
10. Capumcap

Nightmares On Wax are dope. Chilled out laid back vibes. I recommend looking into this if you haven't heard of them... This disc was released in 1999 and is their 2nd album. I'll have their first up later, I'm gonna do a 7L & Beyonder post first. Drop a comment if you're feelin this people, let me know if you want their first disc too. Peace.


Woodfine said...

Any chance you could reupload this? I've been looking for it forever. Thanks.

Tifot said...

can you upload it again please
i need it too its a great album said...

Well, I don't really think it will work.