Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Satang (Candy)

Sup ya'll...

Satang (Candy)

I have a lot of individual instrumentals that I'd like to share, but I'd like to keep a coherant theme going. I don't want to just chuck up some complete randomness so I'll try to group the tracks by Producer or affiliation. Here goes...

First I have a couple Pete Rock tracks. One off of an All City 12 (courtesy of and another off of Petestrumentals. Equal in head nod factor.

Next we have a classic 3rd Bass track; Portrait of the Artists as a Hood. You shouldn't need my approval on this one. Banger

There is 3 High & Mighty joints jammed in there. 2 of them are from DJ Mighty Mi and another by the Alchemist. Really essential Eastern Conference shit.

A couple Easy Mo Bee tracks in there as well. The What and Going Back to Cali to get your Biggie grind on. Also another track that was co-produced by Mo Bee; Aww Shit! by the Lik's.

E-Swift actually Produced that Lik's track, so I threw in another from the same album (Likwidation). Likwit Ridas was one of the tracks I forgot off that album. Really bangin' beat. Matter of fact that whole album gets slept on hard. If anybody has the whole thing please up it.

Sticking with the West Coast theme we have DJ Pooh who crafted Today Was a Good Day and DJ Quik who produced Addictive by Truth Hurts and Rakim. bangas bangas bangas.

Lastly we got the G.O.D. Primo with a pair of tracks. 2nd Childhood and the Actual (courtesy of I have another Primo joint Sauce Money - Against the Grain coming soon.


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P-Why? said...

If you want somre more Pete Rock instrumentals, I have a few albums on my ftp :

Don't know how much bandwidth is available though, and download speeds are usually pretty low.