Sunday, November 26, 2006

Y'all Aint Ready!

I just noticed that this is the 100th post for the Strictly Beats blog, so congrats to everyone on the accomplishment and thanks everyone else for the support. By request, I've got El-P's "Fantastic Damage", as well as Jay Dee's "Welcome To Detroit", and finally, Mr. Lif's "Emergency Rations". Enjoy everyone, and to those who celebrate Thanksgiving, hope that went well for everyone.

El-P: Fantastic Damage
1. Fantastic Damage
2. Squeegee Man Shooting
3. Deep Space 9mm
4. Tuned Mass Damper
5. Dead Disnee
6. Delorean
7. Truancy
8. The Hang, The Front, The Bush And The Shit
9. Accidents Don't Happen
10. Stepfather Factory
11. T.O.J.
12. Dr. Hellno And The Praying Mantus
13. Lazerfaces' Warning
14. Innocent Leader
15. Constellation Funk
16. Blood

Jay Dee: Welcome To Detroit
1. Welcome 2 Detroit
2. Y'all Ain't Ready
3. Think Twice
4. Clapper - Blu, Jay Dee
5. Come Get It
6. Pause
7. B.B.E. (Big Booty Express)
8. Beej-N-Dem, Pt. 2 - Blaine John Beejtar, Jay Dee
9. Brazilian Groove (EWF)
10. It's Like That - Jay Dee,
11. Give It Up
12. Rico Suave Bossa Nova
13. Featuring Phat Kat
14. Shake It Down
15. African Rhythms
16. One

Mr Lif: Emergency Rations
1. Intro (Missing Person's File)
2. Jugular Vein
3. Heavy Artillery
4. Home Of The Brave
5. Pull Out Your Cut
6. Get Wise '91
7. The Unorthodox
8. Phantom

Enjoy everyone.


Ferry said...

track 8 is missing

Anonymous said...

track 8 for what?

Anonymous said...

yooo, could you re-up El-P's Fantastic Damage again? Big thanks!