Friday, November 24, 2006

Galapagos4 - Laced Instrumentals

1. Jackson Jones - Lost
2. Meaty Ogre - The Manhattan Project Beatdown
3. Open I - Easy No Speak
4. Dwight Lightning - Brainphone
5. DJ Natural - Snake Oil
6. Jackson Jones - Vincent Van Gogh Coke Dub
7. Offwhyte - UPS
8. Dwight Lightning - Mute Dan Rather
9. Meaty Ogre - Teach Em
10. Open I - Lotus
11. Dwight Lightning - $19.99 Beats For Sale
12. Jackson Jones - Wind Instrumental
13. Meaty Ogre - Reincarnated

Galapagos4. One of the most under-rated crews in Hip-Hop today in my opinion. Yeah, they all sound alike, but almost every release they have ever put out has been dope. This album is a collection of Instrumentals from various Galapagos4 producer's. I like this disc alot, massive variety inbetween beats. Let me know what you think... Peace.


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