Thursday, November 09, 2006

Molemen - Soundtrack To The Underground

Molemen - Soundtrack to the Underground
(128 kb/s)

01 From Chi (Molemen)
02 Red Sonia (Panik)
03 C.A.M. (Memo)
04 Mermaid (PNS)
05 Insights (Mixx Massacre)
06 Underworld Dominance (Panik)
07 Brown Sabbath (Mixx Massacre)
08 Drocer Nacixem (Memo)
09 Late Call
10 Sea Siren (PNS)
11 10_06 PM (Mixx Massacre)
12 A Piece of Eternity (Panik)
13 Represento (Mixx Massacre)
14 From the South (Memo)
15 Face East (PNS)

What's up Strictly Beats Fam... Nawledge writing and this is my first post here. I'm sure all of you are familiar with The Molemen so they don't need an introduction, but I'm hoping that everybody's not too familiar with this record. The Soundtrack To The Underground was released in 1999 and includes tracks from all members. It even features a few tracks from former member Mixx Massacre. Anyway, there's a few skips in a few tracks, it's not too bad, the LP isn't in the best condition, so sorry for that. I recommend checking this out, PNS's beats are the best on here I'd say, but I'll leave that up to you... Peace.

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