Sunday, November 05, 2006

Souls of Mischief "93 Til Infinity" (1993)

Souls of Mischief "93 Til Infinity" instrumental LP
(128 kb/s)

01 Let Em Know
02 Live and Let Live
03 That's When Ya Lost
04 A Name I Call Myself
05 Disseshowedo
06 What A Way To Go Out
07 Never No More
08 '93 Til Infinity
09 Limitations
10 Anything Can Happen
11 Make Your Mind Up
12 Batting Practice
13 Tell Me Who Profits
14 Outro

...upped by RobSteady


Seth said...

yo, i had your blog bookmarked for awhile and decided i'd look to see what you had to get up when you first started. i love the beats on this album.. it would be awesome for my radio show. can i get a re-up? thanks!
or hit me up

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