Thursday, November 23, 2006

Anticon Beats

Anticon Beats

1. Brother Ali - Champion (remix instrumental)
2. Brother Ali - Forest Whitaker (instrumental)
3. Brother Ali - Chain Link (instrumental)
4. Brother Ali - Star Quality (instrumental)
5. Atmosphere - Modern Man's Hustle (instrumental)
6. Atmosphere - God's Bathroom Floor (instrumental)
7. Atmosphere - Party for your Fight to Write (instrumental)
8. Atmosphere - Tattooed Hands (instrumental)
9. Brother Ali - Room with a View (instrumental)
10. Buck 65 - The Centaur (instrumental)

Upped by Swann

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aztec said...

love the Anticon label, they put out some very good tracks, and always have one or two standout joints on all their releases.

I thought this stuff would sound like Sole's brooding instrumentals, but it was different though still great.

also not as "tinny" as usual anticon beats if that makes any sense. worthy beats.