Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gorillaz - Demon Days Instrumentals

Gorillaz - Demon Days Instrumentals

1. Last Living Souls
2. Kids With Guns
3. O Green World
4. Dirty Harry
5. Feel Good Inc.
6. El Manana
7. Every Plant We Reach Is Dead
8. November Has Home
9. All Alone
10. White Lite
11. Dare
12. Fire Coming Out of a Monkey's Head
13. Demon Days

courtesy of Freshhiphop


Seven Leaf said...

Pssh, that wasn't courtesy of Freshhiphop. That was courtesy of me.

Pratik said...
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bobtheorange said...

hi can you re up this

EricSepulveda said...

this is what brought me to this blog. this is one dope instrumental album. i cant believe i waited until now to thank you guys for this one.

Kwen said...

can you please re-up or send another link? I had it but lost it when my HD got erased. Thanks.

Jeff said...

can you re-up this one for me?

TeGo said...

re up.. ??

Seth said...

i fifth..? the notion

Seth said...


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