Saturday, November 11, 2006

Maker - Shooting The Breeze

01. Mango Lassi
02. Remember The Name
03. Love Tomorrow
04. Shooting The Breeze
05. Broken Promises
06. La Saluda
07. Street Strut (Extended)
08. Live It (Pt.1&2)
09. Train Til Nowhere
10. Dial Tones
11. Augusta 90B
12. Sandcastle

Yea, here's Maker's 2nd Release, which came out in 2005. This is FAR better than Honestly, in my opinion. I like both, but this disc is far more layered and you can tell a lot more work went into this album. Each track has it's own character and none two really sound alike. Fast Drums, Jazzy Samples. That sums it up. I like this album a lot, I hope you will too. Peace.

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