Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pelican City (aka Danger Mouse) - Rhode Island

Before there was DJ Danger Mouse, there was Pelican City. Dope atmospheric downtempo. BTW, if anyone has the instrumentals for Danger Mouse & Jemini's "Ghetto Pop Life", you'd be my hero.

Pelican City "Rhode Island"
(192 kb/s)

01 The Icefields
02 Sesame Street
03 The Northside
04 Chestnut Park
05 The Bordello
06 Jakes Tavern
07 The Beach
08 The Movie Theater
09 El Dorado Diner
10 The Pier
11 Bonus track


Swann said...

if you had the instrumental for Brooklyn Kids you'd be my hero...!!!

Seven Leaf said...

If you have 'em, do you think you could upload Pelican City vs. Scanner and The Chilling Effect? That would be so awesome.

Anonymous said...

is there any way you would be willing to re-up this? the link is dead and i realize this is a VERY old post :)


Antonache said...

PLEASE...upload this again because the link is dead, and this is very rare stuff, i love Danger Mouse

Anonymous said...

the links not working, man. could you fix it?

Anonymous said...

yes, please upload again