Sunday, November 19, 2006

Fat Jazzy Grooves #12

One of my favorites in the series, the only throwaway track on here is Jazzadelic's "Mad On Jazz". Five for Six is a damn good average.

Fat Jazzy Grooves #12
(link removed at label's request)

01 Hippyest (Peanut Butter Wolf)
02 Sensi Dance (I-Cue)
03 Troubled Horn (New Harlem Sound)
04 Bassanova (DJ Smash)
05 Vinyl Anal (The Prunes)
06 Mad On Jazz (Jazzadelic)


Anonymous said...

File expired.
Could you please reupload it?

Anonymous said...

If ya dig then check out "Tracks From The Darkside" album by the Prunes... ill shit