Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Funkdoobiest "Brothas Doobie" (Instrumentals)

Funkdoobiest "Brothas Doobie" instrumental LP
(256 kb/s)

01 Rock On
02 What the Deal
03 Lost In Thought
04 Dedicated
05 Ka Sera Sera
06 Pussy Ain't Shit
07 XXX Funk
08 It Ain't Going Down
09 You're Dummin
10 Tomahawk Bang
11 Super Hoes
12 Who Ra Ra
13 Rock On (Buckwild Remix)


Andyman187 said...

Holy Shit I didn't know this existed. Major props on this one.

KYOZAI said...

Very Good Post

THX 4 this

Ferry said...

props on this but the quality ain't the best.

djespionage said...

fair enough, but quality is as good as it gets with this well-worn 11-year-old slab of vinyl ;)

aaMika said...

ahh perfectooo!!

Oskar said...

PLEASE re-upload! This shit is golden. Thx.

PaulFonk said...

Please homie. Re-upload da shit! I'm creating some new stuff with these beats! Thanks, men.

If u want, write me electronically:


Thanks a lot!

Breeze said...

And could you re-up this too?