Friday, November 10, 2006

Reflection Eternal / Foreign Exchange

Hey everyone, it's my first post over here at Strictly Beats
big thanks for accepting the invitation, and I'll do my best to try to up some rare/requested stuff for you. For the first post, there was a request for Foreign Exchange's "Connected" as well as Talib Kweli/Hi Tek (Reflection Eternal's) "Train Of Thought". Here are both of those, and RE comes with some extra tracks including the "chaos" and "on mission" instrumentals. Enjoy everyone.

1. Title Theme
2. Von Sees
3. Raw Life
4. Hustle Hustle
5. Let's Move
6. Nic's Groove
7. Be Allright
8. Sincere
9. Brave New World
10. The Answer
11. Come Around
12. Happiness
13. End Theme
14. All That You Are
15. Be All Right Remix
16. Call
17. Downtime Remix

Train Of Thought:
1. Experience Dedication
2. Move Somethin'
3. Some Kind Of Wonderful
4. The Blast
5. This Means You
6. Too Late
7. Memories Live
8. Africa Dream
9. Down For The Count
10. Name Of The Game
11. Ghetto Afterlife
12. On My Way
13. Love Language
14. Love Speakeasy
15. Soul Rebels
16. Eternalists
17. Big Nel From Da Natti
18. Touch You
19. Good Mourning
20. Expansion Outro


questionmark said...

oh man...can you re-up the RE:Flection Eternal beats? Hi-Tek crafted some GEMS on that album man...thanks.


holdinsome2 said...

Damn!!! New to the blog world, what an amzing selection of beats. Thanks for all your hard work. If you ever get a chance to re-post Foreign Exchanges "Connected" I've been searchin for that one forever, not that Phonte isn't great but those beats....

Anonymous said...

Please someone can re-up the Reflection Eternal beats , I missed that & Hi Tek is doing some real bangers in this one.Peace & love to you

Anonymous said...

any chance of a re-up of that foreign exchange connected album?

love this blog

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