Friday, November 24, 2006

Nobody - Soulmates

1. Prologue
2. For Those Who Never Dream
3. Leading To The One
4. Fiend Or The Fix
5. Sun Child
6. Outbreak
7. Monotone
8. Land Loop
9. Shades Of Orange
10. Noziroh
11. Green Means
12. Sixth Sense
13. Planets Ain't Aligned
14. Syde Tryps
15. Tone Therapy
16. Inner Eye
17. Epilogue
18. Faces Of The Deep

Nobody, a California based Producer released Soulmates, his solo album, in 2000. I must admit, I don't know if EVERYBODY will enjoy this but I thought I'd toss it up. The album has a sort of Eery/Mystical vibe to it. I remember I was driving home late one night in a Snowstorm and I was listening to this, and it fit perfectly... Anyway, there's a couple vocal tracks, 4 I think. Let me know what you think, I'm tryin to post different stuff, things I haven't seen before, so let me know if you're feelin' it. If not, I got plenty of Primo & other shit to toss up. Peace.


bustybunny said...

I caught that lp 2 years ago & I kinda like it, cuz it's really something you can listen to and chill. Or you can decide to listen a little bit closer and drift away with that, you called it"mystic" sounds. Good stuff!

Trav15 said...

Can you re-up this? Perhaps on mediafire. I have the vinyl, but I'm too lazy to rip it.

Ropedizzle said...

Can you re-up this? Been looking for a while. thanks!

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