Thursday, November 30, 2006

MOLEMEN - Panik - Vinyl Edition

1. Vakill - Out The Speakers
2. E.C., Rubberoom - Taste Of Chicago
3. Vakill, Rhymefest, Percee P. - Keep The Fame
4. Juice - Key To The City
5. Rasco + Planet Asia - Sophisticated Mic Pro's
6. Vinnie Paz - Raw Is War
7. Much Of Nothing
8. Cali Agents - This Is My Life
9. Vakill - Dungeons 2 Rooftops
10. Coming Through Alert
11. All Natural - It's OK
12. Rasco - Back On The Scene
13. Vakill - Tiz The Seizin
14. Juice - The Anthem
15. Rhymefest - How We Chill
16. Rhymefest & Juice - How We Chill Pt. 2
17. Juice - Freestyle Or Written
18. Mass Hysteria - Vocabulary Spill
19. Juice - Sincerely
20. Exclusive
21. Vakill - Flows U Can't Imagine

Back Again with more Molemen... This time around I've decided to start at the beginning. This would be a collection of Panik's first beats released on Vinyl. A collection of nothin but banger's here. I'm sure you've heard a few already, but I'm hoping there's some unknown gems in there. Rhymefest Pt. 2 is straight chilling. Either way, I'm going to try and do a Molemen post every day of their Instrumental Series Discs. Panik, PNS, Memo, so CHECK BACK DAILY for the Molemen Goods. PEACE.


Andyman187 said...

Thanks bro this is the one i was after, Needed that Juice - Freestyle or written instrumental. This and Rhymefest How we chill pt 2 were my intro to the whole molemen crew. Remember hearing how we chill on some beat junkie mix tapes back in the day. If u can find i'm also looking for the instrumental to Juice - Glamour & Glitz if there is one. Keep it koming with the molemen beats.

Leave Your Nine At Home said...

Good one... I'll see what you put up and if there's anything I can add, I will. I have a few Molemen joints sitting round too. Looking forward to more.

Andrew said...

i got the killing fields stuff if no one's got it....(doubtful but oh well)

nawledge said...

word... I'll get more coming ASAP. Yo andyman, could you send me a link to Glamour & Glitz when you got the time? I've never heard that track, I don't think at least. word.

whoami said...

good to see some chi-town love round here!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone please re-up these beats?

9@home said...


aztec said...

great beats. I especially liked Out the Speakers, Key to the City, It's Ok, The Anthem and How We Chill pt 2.

I like the general style of drunken, swaying beats, ragged snares and nice melodies over the top to tie it all in.