Monday, November 13, 2006

Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly (Instrumentals)

Atmosphere "God Loves Ugly" (instrumental LP)
(192 kb/s)

01 Onemosphere
03 Give Me
04 Fuck You Lucy
05 Hair
06 God Loves Ugly
08 Flesh
09 Save's The Day
10 Lovelife
13 A Girl Named Hope
14 Godlovesugly reprise
15 Modern Mans Hustle
16 One of a Kind
18 Shrapnel via legacy


Andrew said...

is it possible to get this as a rar/zip

im unsure if its possible to save it as a different extension when you use Firefox..

djespionage said...

actually, i think it is a rar file...i treated it like one, and it opened fine. let me know if that doesn't work for you, i could re-up it as a zip.

Leave Your Nine At Home said...

Here's a re-up. I think there was another refill, but I figured this should be the best place to find it. (mediafire)


Leave Your Nine At Home said...

or rapidshare:

TeGo said...

^thanks b.. lmao.. i spazzed a lil bit when i seen the original link was dead.

dirt said...

It was only posted about 11 years ago, but any chance of a re-up on this one?