Saturday, November 11, 2006

Maker - Honestly

01. Hello
02. Jumpin Lilly
03. Ten
04. Honestly
05. Tomorrow By The Ocean
06. Abandon All Cargo
07. Call Center Anthem
08. 54 Bucks Per Minute
09. Nacrology
10. Dead Of Winter
11. Uphill Climb
12. How About This
13. Enter The Mind
14. World Of Shadows
15. Lost At Last
16. Reflection
17. Intended For
18. Funk Up The Place
19. Goodbye

Sup Again Fam. 2nd Post here and I thought I'd bring you some Maker stuff. Maker is the producer for the group Glue but has been around since the mid 90's doing various production for Chicago artists. This is his first Solo Disc and it was released in 2003. His production is extremely dope. This Disc is about 65% Instrumental, the rest of the tracks have vocals, so I'm kinda breaking the rules here (ha) but if you're a fan of Glue, you'll probably enjoy the Vocal tracks. But the Instrumental stuff is essential, so I recommend picking this up. Peace.


yeahyall said...

dead link

Chris said...

could you send this to me thru email? the link is dead :(

Anonymous said...

yeah me too please