Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fort Minor - The Rising Tied

01. Remember The Name
02. Right Now
03. Petrified
04. Feel Like Home
05. Where'd You Go
06. In Stereo
07. Back Home
08. Cigarettes
09. Believe Me
10. Get Me Gone
11. High Road
12. Kenji
13. Red To Black
14. Slip Out The Back
15. Be Somebody
16. There They Go
17. The Hard Way

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Grand Puba

Check Tha Resume (3:51)
360° (What Goes Around) (4:01)
That's How We Move It (3:19)
Check It Out (3:32)

Featuring - Mary J. Blige
Big Kids Don't Play (3:47)
Honey Don't Front (4:08)
Lickshot (4:35)
Ya Know How It Goes (4:19)
Reel To Reel (3:57)
Soul Controller (4:25)
Proper Education (3:35)
Back It Up (3:51)

Featuring - Kid Capri
Baby What's Your Name? (2:54)
360° (What Goes Around) (SD 50 Remix) (4:00)

Remix - Dante Ross , John Gamble
Who Makes The Loot? (3:23)

Featuring - Brand New Heavies, The

Note: Missing track 7: "lickshot", but included a track entitled "check it out (simulated dummies remix)"

download it here.

Again, regarding the Dilla fiasco, it is my opinion that we as bootleggers help share things with others. I am quite the downloader, but I also support the artists I know I like as well as I feel have deserved it for putting out quality stuff. Also, if an artist personally asks you to take his/her stuff down, it's the least you can do to follow their wish, and move on. Kenny Fresh was polite about this situation, and his request was carried out. RIP Dilla.

I'm done, carry on. Have a good day everyone.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Instrumentals Vol.2

after a little time out i'm back with a new volume of my
instrumental series which features lots of classic-mid-ninety-
boom-bap-beats! Thanks to Brakkbacda from WaxAttack for support!

most 192 kbps

The Instrumentals Vol. 2 Part1

Cru - Just Another Case
Da Bush Babees - Remember We (Salaam Remix)
OGC - No Fear
Organized Konfusion - Somehow Someway
Shyheim - Shaolin Style
Da Grassroots - Price Of Livin
Redman - Pick It Up
The Notorious B.I.G. - Rap Phenomenon
Truth Enola - Voicetress
Sauce Money - Against The Grain
Redman - Smoke Buddah
Real Live - Pop The Trunk
House Of Pain - Heart Full Of Sorrow
J-Live - Braggin Writes (Domecracker Remix)
Heltah Skeltah - Therapy (Remix)
Jaz-O - Love Is Gone
Planet Asia - Bringin It Back (Remix)
Saukrates - Wordz Of
Styles Of Beyond - Killer Instinct

The Instrumentals Vol. 2 Part2

Jungle Brothers - Brain
Group Home - East NY Theory
Supernatural - Buddah Blessed It
UGK - One Day
Cella Dwellas - Perfect Match
Mama Mystique - Tremendous
Poor Righteous Teachers - Word Iz Life
Buddha Monk - Gots Like Come On Thru
Ed OG - Acting
Phife Dawg - Thought U Wuz Nice
Royal Flush - What A Shame
Ahmad - Back In The Day (Remix)
Da Bush Babess - The Love Song
Ed OG - Too Much To Live Fo'
Mos Def - Universal Magnetic
Phil Da Agony - Blunted

Alchemist - Rapper's Best Friend

01. Stuck To You (4:21)
02. G-Type (2:50)
03. The Thirst (3:53)
04. Back Again (4:06)
05. Tight (3:33)
06. Bring You Light (3:05)
07. Guns Is Razors (3:01)
08. Still Feel Me (3:15)
09. Gangster Banger (1:31)
10. Gun Check (2:29)
11. Stop Fronting (3:20)
12. What A Real Mobb Do (3:11)
13. Carved In Stone (1:31)
14. Shine (4:33)

160 kbps


Monday, April 16, 2007

The Avalanches!

El Producto EP (1997)
160 kbps

1. Untitled (Intro)
2. Rolling High
3. Rap Fever
4. Rock City
5. Under Inspection
6. Run DNA
7. Untitled (Outro)

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Since I Left You (2000)

1. Since I Left You
2. Stay Another Season
3. Radio
4. Two Hearts in 3/4 Time
5. Avalanche Rock
6. Flight Tonight
7. Close to You
8. Diners Only
9. A Different Feeling
10. Electricity
11. Tonight
12. Pablo's Curse
13. Frontier Psychiatrist
14. Etoh
15. Summer Crane
16. Little Journey
17. Live at Dominoes
18. Extra Kings

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At Last Alone (2001)
192 kbps

6. Everyday
7. Slow Walking
8. Undersea Community
9. Yamaha Superstar

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- All tracks produced by The Avalanches
- All tracks in MP3 format

In case you're wondering, there are only four tracks for "At Last Alone" because the other five tracks are remixes of The Avalanches' stuff, and the remixes suck. The Avalanches are a group from Australia whose debut CD "Since I Left You" quickly became a hip-hop classic. It also gained fame for it's unheard of use of 1000s of samples. Enjoy.

Top Five Rappers & Producers
So the other day I was sitting in math class bored as hell, when I decided to make a list of my "Top Five Rappers". I was actually sitting at my desk when I was doing this, with my iPod in hand so I could scroll through the list of artists and come up with some names. Right before I even began looking through the artists, I came up with three off the top of my head: Big L, Big Punisher, and Nas. At this point I was like, holy shit, this is gonna be easy. I then came up with a list of other possible candidates for the last two. These candidates were: Rakim, Method Man, AZ, Canibus, and 2Pac. I rationalized that although Method Man was a big player in the game he didn't show enough prowess alone, and Rakim is a legend for sure and it's rumored that he even produced the Eric B. & Rakim stuff but same as Meth, he just hasn't showed his skills outside of his roots (a.k.a. Eric B. & Rakim). Then, I sat there for like, fifteen minutes trying to decide on AZ, 2Pac, and Canibus. I figured that Canibus deserves a spot after Rip the Jacker, Mic Club, etc., and that 2Pac was such a huge part to the game that he couldn't be forgotten.

Top Five Rappers: Nas, Big Punisher, Big L, 2Pac, Canibus

Surprised at how long "Top Five Rappers" took, I figured that with fifty minutes left in class a "Top Five Producers" was worth a shot. Right away, I came up with
four: DJ Premier, DJ Shadow, RJD2, and Pete Rock. I got ecstatic because I thought that this one would take me no time. But oh no. After widdling down my last to pick the fifth producer (I went through ten other producers), I came to two producers: Jay Dee and 9th Wonder. But now I'm fuckin' stuck! I can't decide who is better because they both kick so much ass. So I'm including them both in my list until I can pick one.

Top Five Producers: DJ Premier, Pete Rock, DJ Shadow, RJD2, and Jay Dee/9th Wonder

Hit me up with your "Top Five Rappers/Producers". If you're bored and need something to do, I guarantee this will occupy your time for quite a while.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Joe Beats - Diverse Recourse

Joe Beats - Diverse Recourse

Follow up to 'Reverse Discourse'

01. Don't Front (3:54)
02. Live My Life (2:15)
03. Me Talk Pretty (2:50)
04. Slivers (3:01)
05. Doing The Nothing (3:04)
06. Sleep Or Bust (3:24)
07. Caught Up (2:41)
08. Friday Afternoon (2:46)
09. Hellfire (Remix) (2:39)
10. Pour Me One (3:02)
11. Big Eyed Son (1:58)
12. The Buzz Off (2:23)
13. Merc Ret (2:54)
14. Spikes For The Punch Bowl (2:17)
15. Indian Summer (2:00)
16. Cutie Pie (2:11)
17. ETA (2:40)
18. Fade (3:42)

[link removed at artist's request -djesp]

Things Go Better...

Here we go, it's been a while since this has been updated. A Madvillain re-up is on the way as well for whoever requested that. But now, we got:
Things Go Better With RJ & Al (Soul Position)
RJD2 on the boards for this one.

1. The Beginning Listen Listen
2. No Gimmicks Listen Listen
3. Hand-Me-Downs Listen Listen
4. The Extra Mile Listen Listen
5. Blame It On The Jager Listen Listen
6. I Need My Minutes Listen Listen
7. Keep It Hot For Daddy Listen Listen
8. I'm Free Listen Listen
9. Keys Listen Listen
10. The Cool Thing To Do Listen Listen
11. Priceless Listen Listen
12. Drugs, Sex, Alcohol, Rock-N-Roll Listen Listen
13. Things Go Better Listen Listen

download it

I copied and pasted the tracklisting from amazon.com, so if the "Listen" links work, then that'd be cool. Let me know if they do or not. Sometimes it pays to preview stuff. Hope everyone had a good holiday.