Saturday, February 27, 2010


01 Layers (Beautiful)
02 Everyword (Loyal)
03 Soulful (Loving)
04 Suspectpackage (Jealousy)
05 Madman Pon Campus (Redeyes)
06 Liveit (Determined)
07 Horns Move (Direction)
08 Hustle (Finnaciality)
09 Fast Money (Wealth)
10 100pennies (Greedylishous)
11 Fruits (Colourful)
12 Talormade (Elegantism)
13 Cosmicpalm (Self-Indulge)
14 Colouredwater (Brightlights)
15 Royal Roses (VenusTrap)
16 Acidsoul (Sensual)
17 Taurus (Quirky)

Here is a link to his previous beat tape for those that missed it!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Beatnikz "Rhymeless" (2010)

No joke -- more dope production from Sweden. Check "One"...cuts like this make me want to start up a club night:

Beatnikz - Rhymeless
(256 kb/s)

01 All Over
02 Marching On
03 Basic
04 Child
05 Estrella
06 Headnod
07 In My Headphones
08 India
09 Laidback
10 Lovesign
11 One
12 Rush
13 Showdown
14 Bang (feat. Supastition)

Beatnikz' Myspace

KELAKOVSKI - New Year Beat Tape


Final fantasy
Gangsta like this
God bless
Jam out
Kelakovski - week 10
Kelakovski - Booty
Kelakovski - Eastern man (Week 5)
Kelakovski - Freestyle beat
Kelakovski - Grizzle Street
Kelakovski - Music
Kelakovski - New Skool
Kelakovski - Top of the pops
Kelakovski - week 9
Mu'Fucka I'm ill
Pitter patter
Sexy rabbit
The D
The streets
Under crackers
You love_snippet



Beat Tease!!!!

KELAKOVSKI making beats!

B. Lewis - Talking Chairs


Download Talking Chairs Here

Check out B. Lewis's Bandcamp for more of his music.

Big ups to the dudes at MOOVMNT for putting me on to this!

Love Story Promo - Elaquent x Soap Box

and make sure you check out and download Elaquents music at the following myspace link!

Freddie Joachim - DUST

<a href="">Out Of Season by Freddie Joachim</a>

station instrumental video

check it out!

you don't have to like it;)

so eric makes a weekly instrumental mixtape and posts it at various places around the blogosphere, goes by the monicker 'station'. this video is all home made (and documents the path that the canvas in this case takes to become a finished piece of work) and meant to have a raw feel, as is the art and the music he makes. he is working on a longer video that will come out soon, until then, dig the art, music, video and combo-nations.

check out more of his projects here,

this is the type of art and video and music that an artist can appreciate.

i will be posting some of his instrumental albums in the future, so be on the look out and for all you judgemental so called elitists out there, welp i'm sure you'll have a hard time wrapping your head around what he's doing and love to hate on it, until then and for now...

seacrest out!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cohoba & n6el - 5683

Cohoba & n6el are both originally from the Dominican Republic



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

P.U.D.G.E - One Hand Band

P.U.D.G.E - One Hand Band

[quote] "This project was made whilst nursing a severe injury to my left arm. Hence the Name + Vocal Samples" [/quote]


Monday, February 22, 2010

BUG - “Cosmic Lab” / “20 Winks”

<a href="">Cosmic Lab by BUG</a>


The Lost Hip Hop Instrumentals Vol 2

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Paralex - State Of Affairs Instrumentals


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chris P - “Smack Your Ass, Pull Your Hair“

Something a little different! This is a D'Angelo inspired beat tape. Unfortunatley, I couldnt find very much information on Chris P the producer.

Chris P left the following comments!

i’ve worked on this since 2000.

35 beats total.

i only cheated three times: 1 prince sample and 1 digital underground sample (both to enhance the particular beat), and ?uest’s drums from erykah’s “booty” on two beats. other than that, it’s ALL d’angelo samples.

i left everything raw and jagged with some scattered effects. i did a more polished mix (with lots of compression, eq, fx, etc.), but the raw shit was just more dynamic.

i used all original source CD’s, LPs, 12″s, and CDQ bootlegs. and the “smile” remake on itunes.

i tried to incorporate EVERYTHING d’-related, but i didn’t use “water no get enemy” and some of the misc rap features.

done out of 100% love for d’s music. "


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

PLAWZ - 28 Grams Pt. 1

<a href="">Intro by PLAWZ</a>


Kaimbr - Billy Joel Heat

Low Budget crew member Kaimbr put out this beat tape using samples from Billy Joel’s 52nd Street album. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Motherfucking Beardyman!!!

sweatin' out beats

Devonwho - Thumbtracks Remixes Vol. 1 2010

Devonwho - Thumbtracks Remixes Vol. 1 2010

Remixes of devonwho's album titled "funraiser vol.1: thumbtracks" made between the months of october 2009 and february 2010 by his friends

Remixes by:
Kystal klear - Mndsgn- Tokimonsta -P.U.D.G.E -Matthew david -Shlohmo -Busy -Teebs -eLan -Fritz Ambrose-Alex B-Yuk-Dibiase -Hi Res



Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thallus - Between Head and Hand

01 B.h.a.h
02 Here is the life
03 End of the sky
04 Magic handclaps
05 Bring the moon down
06 Masut
07 Lonely roads
08 Through broken windows



Jake One - The Stimulus Package Instrumentals

01. Stimulus Intro
02. Throw Your Hands Up
03. One Foot In
04. She Makes Me Feel Alright
05. Never Gonna Change
06. One Thing
07. Know What I Mean
08. The Product
09. Microphone Killa
10. Follow My Moves
11. Sho' Nuff
12. Freekin' The Beat
13. Money
14. Free People
15. Stimulus Outro

After many collabos, Freeway announced that he was doing a whole album with Jake One production for summer 2009. After some delay, the album is here and looks to get heavy rotation around the home. Included in the very nice packaging is a download card for the instrumentals. If you only wanna rock with Jake One, then this is the version for you.


Or if you don't care for Rapidshare, go here

De broer van mozes - Soul Beats

I cant find much info about this producer.

I uploaded two of my favorite beats from this tape for you on to diveshare, so you can tast what you are about to eat!


Monday, February 15, 2010

more bowery

Click To Download

Hannibal King - Villains Gone Bad Beat Tape


mr. bilal-instrumentals (free from the artist)

click here to download

21 year old producer based in Paris.

About The Album:

The album contains 12 tracks which are mainly inspired by hiphop producers (J Dilla, Madlib, Afta-1, Sa-Ra, Mike Slott, ...) but also french electro artist from the late 70's such as Space Art & Zanov. Last track is dedicated to Pierre Henry, the godfather of electroacoustic music.

Direct link for the album

Aspect1 & BoweryBeats

Saturday, February 13, 2010

DJ Grumble - "Freestyle Tools" series

File under "you can't always judge an album by its cover" -- DJ Grumble's "Freestyle Tools" series. Grumble's been putting in steady work in the last three years which flew under my radar until he reached out.

Again, don't let the covers fool you -- start with a sample cut pulled out from each album if you're skeptical.

"Cig Song" from Freestyle Tools Volume 1:

Freestyle Tools Vol. 1
(160 kb/s)

"Deep Fried" from Freestyle Tools Volume 2:

Freestyle Tools Vol. 2
(128 kb/s)

"The Phantom" from Freestyle Tools Volume 3:

Freestyle Tools Vol. 3
(160 kb/s)

"Criminal Loot" from Freestyle Tools Volume 4:

Freestyle Tools Vol. 4
(128 kb/s)

...Grumble's YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace

Beus Bengal - Beat Tape



Cold Legistics Lost Beat Tapes 1&2

These are Cold Legistics older Beat Tapes pre-dating "Deeper Than You Think" and "Northern Star"! Enjoy!
Download - Cold Legistics Lost Beat Tapes 1&2

Dr.Brown aka FuzzOne - MIND SCIENTIFICS​(​soul sci​-​fi scenes and snippets)

Dont Sleep on this joint!!!!!!!!!!!

<a href="">01.Intro(flyaway) by Dr.Brown aka FuzzOne</a>


Note: You will have to download each track individually.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Stones Throw fights the noble fight

C-box, who we use as our primary means for interaction on this site, has frozen the chat box in response to a DMCA complaint. I'm waiting to hear from them specifically, but playing the odds, I'd say it's Stones Throw. [update, 2/13 -- heard from c-box...yes, it was Stones Throw]

I did the math: We've made 878 posts over the 3+ years of the blog, many of them containing multiple albums. That's a LOT of instrumental albums upped. Through the years, we've received a few complaints -- less than a dozen -- and we've always honored artists'/labels' requests.

Personally, I disagree with the premise that you can absolutely control digital media. A site like this attracts tastemakers and dedicated fans of the music that will buy your music after they've heard it -- not encased in the webplayer on your site, but on their ipod or car stereo or whatever. However, artists/labels have a right to be stubborn (unenlightened) about this, as the law as written is with them. Besides, some could give a fuck about communities that form around blogs, and would shrug if they disappeared along with their links.

Enter Stones Throw. They've already acquired a reputation of sorts in how they go after blogs and links, so to some this is no surprise. We've put them on our "Do Not Post" list, although as far as I know, two posts have fallen through the cracks since that policy started in '08 -- and have been taken down immediately upon notification. Admittedly, the c-box is a little harder to police.

The difference between Stones Throw and everyone else is that they immediately go to hosts. I suppose it's efficient from their perspective, if it's all about control. If anything, it reveals their relationship to the culture: they invest a lot of money in their brand and culture, as can be seen on their website. But make no mistake, their version of this culture -- beatmaking -- is branded, copyrighted, and controlled. While they have talented producers on their roster, Stones Throw itself? It's a t-shirt.

So keep fighting the noble fight, Stones Throw -- against well-intentioned communities of artists and listeners in the culture you're trying so hard to brand.

And to everyone here -- beatmakers, fans of instrumental hip-hop -- let's keep this place free of Stones Throw.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

BPM Increased!

So, I've heard things like, "WTF happened to Strictly Beats?!", "Post up that new ish!", or "Who are these Weirdo producer's?" circulating around the C-Box as of late, and I think I've got something here to kill 2 birds with one stone, so to speak... Basically, at this point, all us poster's have pretty much used up our stock of instrumentals that we were initially just sitting on. I know I've gone through most of my good stuff, and now it's just random tracks here & there, or new albums that are dope, which I myself won't post up. We're covering the new myspace producer's popping up, that the other contributor's feel are dope, along with the occasional mainstream release that makes the ear feel right too. I try to maintain a more ecclectic & off the beaten path sound, along with the occasional mixes I drop. At this point it's really few & far between for me, I haven't heard too much new stuff that grabs me, and the stuff that does is from artists I really appreciate, and won't post up unless they post it up themselves, or we have permission... Plus, there are a LOT less instrumental releases dropping each month, compared to regular albums, and most of what I hear, to me at least, is like 70/30 wack 2 dope. So, it's like trying to serve a big restaurant with extremely limited ingredients, & menu options. If ya feel me on that... We'll continue to post the stuff we like, but bear in mind that our options are getting less & less, etc.

With that said, I'm going to bring something NEW to the table with this following mix! Now, don't plan on this being a recurring thing from me, I just wanted something fresh for your ears. This mix contains nothing but full-on, flat-out club style techno bangers! If y'all like partying/dancing/clubbing out, then this mix is for you. As time goes on, the stereotype's of music fade away, and I notice more & more artists dropping multi-genre styles of sound, and that's what I'm listening to. I know some of you will say, "Get this rave-binky-mouthed-ecstacy-glow-shit out of here!" & I'll appreciate that and want to hear any other comment! Haha... Here is a track for preview from the mix, & expect the rest of it to sound like this also. ENJOY!

BPM Increased
BPM Increased << Alt. Mediafire Link

Alright, to slow things down a little bit, I'm going to bring something REALLY fresh from DDay One, along with the new euro beat-squad, "The Q4", straight out of The Netherlands. The Q4 have actually been around for a minute, since 2005 they started as a 4-man crew, but now are slimmed down to 3. Arts The Beatdoctor, Sense, and STW are who make up the group, and their sound is really dope. On par with other dutch producer's, they really remind me of 40 Winks, etc... They recently released "Sound Surroundings" (which you can find, if you dig for a bit) and I'm going to post up the snippet's for that here. DDay One just dropped a new mix, and the first track was a remix he did for the Q4, I've got that for you also. Track the full album of "Sound Surroundings" down, it's a really dope listen. Enjoy.

The Q4, "Sound Surroundings" Snippets...

The Q4, "Look Again (Dday One Remix)"...

& Finally, MORE PRETTY LIGHTS! Haha, I'm on a heavy kick with this guy lately, probably at my top spot for fave artist of the moment. So, he did some remixes of "The Final Countdown" by Europe, and "Midnight In A Perfect World" by DJ Shadow for his NYE set in Chicago, just in time for the Ball-Drop from '09 to '10, the timing was impeccable, watch some vid's, and I've got both of those tracks here. They are available on his site, along with another remix of "After Midnight" by JJ Cale (didn't include that though, lyrics...) but they're extended & have a whole bunch of talking & shit. I chopped 'em up & have the quality guts for you here with these following two tracks. Get down with these, and you ALL should get down with this dude while he's on tour, for real, GO SEE HIM LIVE, it was easily the best show I have ever been to, & I already have tickets for 4 more of his show's on the tour. Follow the banner link to see his tour dates & buy early because all these shows WILL SELL OUT!. Enjoy the banger's fam! I'm going to be out for a minute, so until next time, PEACE!!!

"Final Countdown" PL Remix...

"Midnight In A Perfect World" PL Remix...


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele

01. Nutmeg
02. One
03. Saturday Nite
04. Ghost Deini
05. Apollo Kids
06. The Grain
07. Buck 50
08. Mighty Healthy
09. Stay True
10. We Made It
11. Stroke of Death
12. Malcolm
13. Who Would You Fuck
14. Child's Play
15. Cher Chez La Ghost
16. Wu Banga 101

10 years ago, Ghostface decided it would be a good idea to involve RZA in making a Wu record. It turned out he was right, as this album is noted for "saving the Wu".

For the 10 of you who fell for Dreddy Kruger's evil scheme of selling internet rips on CDR and not even checking if they didn't skip, this is the vinyl rip. This cover just looks better.


N/A (No Alias) - Beat Tapes

<a href="">Ready for the Weekend (No Vocal) by N/A (No Alias)</a>

<a href="">Intro by N/A (No Alias)</a>

Email -
Myspace -
Twitter -
Soundcloud -

Aspect 1 - Vibe Over



Oh No - Dr. No's Ethiopium [no link]

Oh No going all Dr. No on some 60s - 70s Ethiopian records. As someone with an East African heritage and love for instrumentals I enjoy the idea of this. As a beat maker with access to similar songs I'm kicking myself for not doing this first.

Split up tracks unlike the other version out there. That might justify this post being late (and possibly a mirage).

[original post -- i dunno]

---link removed at Stone's Throw's 'request':

You might want to remove this post before Google removes your blog.

No doubt you’re aware that Google has made it easier than ever to report things like this, and has stepped up taking action on them. I’m not out to shut down your blog, but I just thought I’d give you heads up that I’ve send them a complaint already.

I don't usually publish the rare e-mails I get like this but this one's different. 'I didn't want to try to shut you down...' ---djesp

J-Zen - Breakfast (2009)


Fixed link!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Statik Selektah - 100 Proof The Hangover Instrumentals

01. So Close, So Far
02. Critically Acclaimed
03. Night People
04. Follow Me
05. Do It To Death
06. Come Around
07. Drunken Nights
08. Life Is Short
09. The Thrill Is Gone
10. Get Out
11. Laughin
12. The Coast
13. Fake Love (Yes Men)
14. Eighty-Two
15. Walking Away
16. The Best

Was posted in the cbox (apparently jacked from HHB), but now it's tagged properly.


eLan - famLay 2010

eLan - famLay 2010

Check out that new elan beattape, We apes are big fans of his first tape called "Magnificent Mistakes" you can stil download it at his myspace, But first take your ears to his new 'famlay' tape.


Sunday, February 07, 2010

Bolaphone - The Four Rabbits EP (2009)

Bolaphone is based out of the Czech Republic!

Recommended for indie Hip Hop ears!!!!!!!

Flynt – Lard & Sandpaper Beats