Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just Some Stuff...

Various instrumentals compiled from a bunch of sources...figured some people might be missing the dopeness.

Big ups to Bust The Facts, The Dice Game, 900 Number, and wherever else these originated from. If I didn't mention your blog...oops. Next time.

ZIP includes:
Square One - Mind, Body, Soul
Square One - My Own World
Square One - Analyze
Upfront Rudies - Rockin' Beats and Rhymes
LL Cool J - Zoom (Dr. Dre beat)
Richie Rich & Bello B - Gifted With The Vocab
Gang Starr - Speak Ya Clout
Gang Starr - Code of the Streets
Nas - Understanding
Biz Markie - Studda Step
USA Breakers - This Beat Is Hard
USA Breakers - Hard Rockin'


Blackstar - Instrumentals (1998)

Blackstar - Instrumentals (1998)

01 - Astronomy (8th Light) (Instrumental)
02 - Definition (Instrumental)
03 - Redefinition (Instrumental)
04 - Children's Story (Instrumental)
05 - Brown Skin Lady (Instrumental)
06 - K.O.S. (Determination) (Instrumental)
07 - Hater Players (Instrumental)
08 - Respiration (Instrumental)
09 - Thieves In The Night (Instrumental)
10 - Twice Inna Lifetime (Instrumental)

Da Beatminerz - Brace 4 Impak instrumentals (2001)

Da Beatminerz "Brace 4 Impak" (instrumentals)
(192 kb/s)

01 Intro/Live & Direct
02 Devastatin' That's Us!
03 Hell Yeah, Oh Yeah!
04 Hustler's Theme
05 Bentleys & Bitches
06 Best At That
07 Extreme Situation
08 Open
09 Take That
10 Drama
11 The Anti-Love Movement
12 How We Ride
13 Shut Da Fuck Up!
14 Thug Love
15 Let's Talk About It
16 Ghetto 2 Ghetto

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Oppurtunity for Amateur and Professional Producers!

Yo, fam, what's up? I've got a little business proposition for y'all. A good friend of mine and incredible emcee by the name of Subliminal Emcee is coming out with a mixtape soon, and his debut CD after that. He just put me on as his manager, so the first thing I think I should do is get him some proper beats, and I figure what better place than Strictly Beats. If you want to be on one of U.K.'s upcoming rapper's mixtape and maybe album, than hit me up at my e-mail (jwmoosbrugge@stthoms.edu). I welcome all contributions and Subliminal is willing to work with people on a one-to-one basis as well. If your beat is hot, and Subliminal is feeling it, he will be willing to pay you, so keep that in mind (in other words, bring that fiyah!)

Here are some of his credentials:

One of my favorite Subliminal joints: http://www.zshare.net/download/45188266b15025/

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Nawledge: I Started a Blog!! strictlytees.blogspot.com - And a Shit Ton of Posts: Requests, Re-Ups, & Randoms

Wassup Fam? Been a minute since my Last Post... I wanted to wait until I got everything up and running on my Blog & Space before I dropped this MASSIVE Post. So, before that, I gotta Hype my Spot's real quick...

Strictly Tees Blog
Strictly Tees Myspace

I've been doing Screen-Printing for a LONG Time, and have usually done Custom Work for Friends... Finally I decided to break out on my own and get some Shit going. So, the Blog has alot of Designs that are currently available for Purchase. I'm not necessarily tryin to make a Business out of it, just wanting to get some Fresh Designs out to Heads, and possibly Profit from it a little too of course. So stop by over there, and see if there is something you like. You might say the name isn't too original, but I like it, it was the first thing that came to mind. Plus, I'm using just "Strictly" for short as the Main Name on the Shirts. That way if I expand into other territories, it can apply to those, ie: Strictly Hoodies/Strictly Bandanas/etc... Here are some Design Examples:

WORD. That should give you an idea... Please stop by and hit me up at: strictlytees@hotmail.com, or on that Myspace. I'll definately work with you on Pricing, Especially those of you I know from this Blog and Others... Just Show me some Love for showing Y'all so much Love with these Beats. Help a Brother Out... Alright, with that being said, let's get on to this HUGE Post:


I remember a few people asking about: Flying Lotus - Galapagos4 & Yppah. So here's that:

Flying Lotus Discography: (All of these Links are From boardsofelectronica.blogspot.com, so go over there and show him some Love)


Reset EP

Couldn't Find any Covers For The Rest:

Raw Cartoons

July Heat

Demo 2006

Alright, up next we got some Galapagos4... I'm really surprised I haven't upped this Meaty Ogre Disc yet. I've been blowin it because it's a HOT Disc. I looped it for a while when I first got it. I Highly Recommend it, he's one Damn Fine Producer. The Laced Instrumentals I'm only Re-Upping because they go with this Post. The "Best Of" is a whole bunch of Random Beats from the rest of the G4 Crew... All really good stuff, one of the most Underrated Crews out there in my opinion. And straight out of Chicago No less. Alright...

Meaty Ogre - Leo Vs. Pisces

Galapagos4 - Laced Instrumentals

Galapagos4 - Best Of Instrumentals

And now some Yppah... I can't remember where I got this, but it's DOPE, and I remember somebody asking about it a WHILE ago. I've been Re-Informed that he is actually from Houston, TX. Thanks Boogie & [on Hiatus]. Kind of a High-Paced Electronic Feel, but it's Real Nice...

Yppah - You Are Beautiful At All Times


This is also something I've been meaning to Up for a while now... Alias & Ehren - Lillian. Now, I know that alot of you will say, "Oh, FUCK That Anticon Nerd Rap Noise". I hope not, let's keep it Diverse People... This is EASILY Alias's Best Release. He combined Efforts with his Brother Ehren, who plays a Variety of Traditional Instruments. Those Instruments combined with Alias's Trademark sound create a Musical Landscape that is Very Pleasing... I recommend this if you want to hear something different. It won't disappoint.

Alias & Ehren - Lillian

FINALLY... Coming to a close of this Behemoth Post. Last I'm going to drop a whole bunch of shit from Zagar... Bossplayer turned me on to all these Dudes, and they are NICE. Here's the description from Discogs: "The story of the band started at the begin of the year 2001, when the three members of Yonderboi Quintet (Zságer, Kovács, Solymosi (aka DJ Bootsie) after the Shallow and Profound Tour started rehearsing separately from the Quintet. First they were performing as Pulzus. The material they have put together durring the rehearsals and the earlier solo works of Balázs Zságer were synthesized and have created the characteristic sounds of the new band."

This is some HOT Shit right here people... These are all Compilations that I have made from the Full Albums, cut out the Lyric/Bad Tracks, and these are Just the Pure Goods. I recommend ALL of it.

Yonderboi - Greatest Hits Pt.1

Yonderboi - Greatest Hits Pt.2

DJ Bootsie - The Silent Partner

Zagar - Greatest Hits

Alright... Well that does it. I hope I don't Kill anybody's Hard-Drives. I got some More ILL Shit to post soon, but I'm gonna Break for awhile. See how the Strictly Tees Response goes. Plus, I'm Copy & Pasted The Fuck Out... But, Enjoy This Shit People! I recommend every Post in here. And stop by My Blog, show me some Love, or spread the word. I would appreciate it VERY MUCH. Thanks Again. PEACE...

Joey Chavez - Music Minus One (2005)

Joey Chavez - Music Minus One
(~ 192 kb/s VBR)

Password: strictlybeats

01 Reach Us
02 Finger Prints
03 Goin Crazy
04 People & Places
05 Back Up instrumental
06 Expansion Team Theme
07 Nightlife instrumental
08 Ear Drums Pop (Remix)
09 The Illest
10 Develop Tools
11 Live
12 Reservation For One
13 Rollin
14 Clear The Spot
15 Interstate Five
16 Get It Started
17 Shape Of Things...
18 Years In The Making
19 Watch Out

Joey Chavez - Music From The Connection (2001)

Joey Chavez - Music From The Connection

(128 kb/s)

Password: strictlybeats

01 Set It (Intro)
02 Dark Alleyways
03 Closing In
04 The Badlands
05 Cut To The Chase
06 Night Watch
07 Suspended
08 Blue Keys
09 Old Habits
10 The Dirty Sermon
11 A Matter Of Time
12 The Way We Were
13 Temptation
14 Members Only
15 Sandm On The Rocks

Joey Chavez - Spiral Path Instrumentals (2000)

Joey Chavez - Spiral Path Instrumentals

(192 kb/s)

Password: strictlybeats

01 No Retreat
02 The Realizer
03 Some Evil Dance
04 Rusty Old Phonographs
05 Sister Mayme
06 Trumpet Garden
07 Tale Of the Divine Prisoner
08 Absolute Proof
09 Undertowne Infinite
10 Avina Sativa

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Common - Finding Forever (Instrumentals)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

01. Intro
02. Start The Show
03. The People
04. Drivin' Me Wild
05. I Want You
06. Southside
07. The Game
08. U, Black Maybe
09. So Far To Go
10. Break My Heart
11. Misunderstood
12. Forever Begins


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Time 4 Sum Aksion is Private in Three Days?!?!

This is more than post-worthy. That's right - T4SA is private in 3 days. So get your ass over to Time 4 Sum Aksion and comment on this post (include your e-mail), so that you can be apart of this incredibly dope blog. And be sure to drop a line to my man ILLustrious, dude is mad friendly.

And umm... I might as well up something while I'm here, so here's some Biggie. It was either this, or my paper. :) 16 beats, most ripped from vinyl, most at 192 kbps. Enjoy, fam.

Ohmega Watts - Watts Happening Instrumentals (2007)

No need to explain who this cat is. I love it when people know how to use drums properly.
Quality hip-hop. Great listen from beginning to end.

link removed due to complaint

Peace, 9@home

What side are they on?


They must be nuts...

Some of the links in the older post were actually still working, but now that I've upped them again, I'll make the posting... Below both the old and the new link.


Stieber Twins - Speechless Twin Plastic (2006)

Old school hip-hoppers, active as graf writers, producers and rappers, Stieber Twins from Heidelberg, Germany. This is an instrumental album they put out just recently.
Heads still remember them for the breakbeats they did in the early 90s, or their first and only album "Fenster zum Hof", on which they produced and rapped. At the time, they were easily the most coveted producers for remixes and original beats. Now, they're more visible as DJs at parties and as producers of instrumental ish. And they've still got it. Dope.

Stieber Twins - Speechless Twin Plastic (2006)

Peace, 9@home

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ice-T - Instrumentals

Courtesy Of My Man Roy Johnson...Good Looking!

Ice-T - Instrumentals

1. The House
2. Pulse Of The Rhyme
3. Mic Contract
4. Mind Over Matter
5. Street Killer
6. Ziplock
7. Escape From The Killing Fields
8. Straight Up Nigga
9. Fried Chicken
10. New Jack Hustler
11. Lifestyles Of The Rich And Infamous (Remix)
12. Ricochet
13. New Jack Reprise
14. Bitches 2
15. Ed
16. Midnight
17. The Tower

Legal Hustle Ent. Presents Got Beats

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Instrumental compilation from Legal Hustle. No titles, but Cormega fans should recognize a few of these.

01. Moonshine - Instrumental 01
02. Ski Beatz - Instrumental 02
03. Heatmakerz - Instrumental 03
04. Alchemist - Instrumental 04
05. J Love - Instrumental 05
06. C Mill - Instrumental 06
07. Ayatollah - Instrumental 07
08. DJ Premier - Instrumental 08
09. J Garfield - Instrumental 09
10. Emile - Instrumental 10
11. Jae Supreme - Instrumental 11
12. AX - Instrumental 12
13. Buckwild - Instrumental 13


Sunday, October 21, 2007

DJ Format - European Vacation (2006)

DJ Format from Brighton, UK. Famous for his mixtapes and great taste in music. This is last year's mix CD which, as he says on the cover, consists of samples and sounds from records he's found and bought while travelling around the mainland. The idea reminded me of Oh No's Oxperiment, but this is one seamless mix of 65 minutes that has me bobbing my head all the way through. Fonky as a mufucka. Great work.

DJ Format - European Vacation (2006) 256 kbps
part 1 // part 2

Split archive. cos quality is worth the wait ;)

(Rapidshare has this option of configuring files as direct downloads, i.e. without the fussy bit of punching in letters and waiting, etc. I've done that on my part2 files for as long as my trial credit allowed me to. Now that the credit's used up, it's back to the little delay. Oh well...)


Friday, October 19, 2007

Roddy Rod - Oakwood Grain (2006)

Roddy Rod - Oakwood Grain

(192 kb/s)

Password: strictlybeats

1 Life Rite Intro
2 Stomp On Casual
3 Intermission Maynard
4 Rhythm Inperfected
5 Night In Yokohama
6 Work Knowledge
7 Traffic Signs
8 Aunt Grace
9 Intermission On Alden St.
10 Walrus
11 Grown Folk Afternoon
12 Shinery
13 Late Nite Talk Show
14 Never Hope For Nothin
15 Spades
16 Dominga
17 Dui
18 Slums Of Paradise feat. Wayna

Alternative Link

Del The Funkee Homosapien - No Need For Alarm (Instrumental Test Pressing)

Del The Funkee Homosapien - No Need For Alarm (Instrumental Test Pressing)

I wanna give a big shout out to Planet over at www.vinylathletes.blogspot.com for being kind enuf to rip & share this gem, so please head over there and thank the man, cuz if it wasn't for him you woulda never heard these Instrumentals in your life. Enjoy!..


You're In Shambles

Producer - Snupe
Scratches - Toure
Catch A Bad One

Producer - Casual
Wack M.C.'s
No Need For Alarm
Boo Boo Heads

Producer - SD50's
Treats For The Kiddies

Producer - SD50's

Producer - Casual
No More Worries

Featuring - A-Plus , Casual , Snupe
In And Out
Don't Forget
Miles To Go

Producer - Jay-Biz
Scratches - Jay-Biz
Check It Ooout

Scratches - Jay-Biz
Thank Youse

Producer - A-Plus

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

P.U.T.S. - Stepfather Instrumentals Pt. 1 (2007)

P.U.T.S. - Stepfather Instrumentals Pt. 1 over @ efficiencyone
(~ 176 kb/s VBR)

Password: gr1mma

01 Step In (Instrumental)
02 Pumpin' (Instrumental)
03 Flex Off (Instrumental)
04 Days Like These (Instrumental)
05 Jamboree Pt 1 (Instrumental)
06 Jamboree Pt 2 (Instrumental)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Common - Electric Circus Instrumental EP (2002)

Common - Electric Circus Instrumental EP
(192 kb/s)

01 I Got A Right Ta
02 Come Close
03 The Hustle
04 Aquarius
05 Come Closer

Anyone got the other tracks?!?

Inspectah Deck - Uncontrolled Substance Instrumentals (1999)

Inspectah Deck - Uncontrolled Substance
(192 kb/s)

01 9th Chamber
02 Big City (Bonus Instrumental)
03 Elevation
04 Femme Fatale
05 Forget Me Not
06 Friction
07 He's A Rebel
08 Hyperdermix
09 Longevity
10 Love You
11 Movas & Shakers
12 Movas & Shakers
13 R.E.C. Room
14 Show N Prove
15 The Grand Prix
16 Trouble Man
17 Uncontrolled Substance
18 World On The Street

I would suggest that we take this layout for posts in order to keep things cleaned up

Mobb Deep - Hell On Earth Instrumentals (1996)

Mobb Deep - Hell On Earth Instrumentals

(192 kb/s)

Password: strictlybeats

01 Animal Instinct
02 Drop A Gem On 'Em
03 Bloodsport
04 Extortion
05 More Trife Life
06 Man Down (= Drop A Gem On 'Em)
07 Can't Get Enough Of It
08 Nighttime Vultures (= G.OD. pt. III)
09 G.O.D. pt. III
10 Get Dealt With
11 In The Long Run
12 Hell On Earth
13 Give It Up Fast
14 Still Shinin'
15 Apostle's Warning

(track 06 & 08 are double)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ayatollah "Personal Legend Vol 1"

Ayatollah "Personal Legend Vol 1"
(256 kb/s)

01 World Tribute
02 Something Real
03 The Odd Couple
04 Lonely
05 Bright As The Stars
06 Chapel Bells
07 Vendetta
08 Don't Go

Thursday, October 11, 2007

T.I. vs T.I.P. (Instrumentals)

01. Act I: T.I.P. (2:24)
02. Big Shit Poppin' (Do It) (4:46)
03. Raw (3:54)
04. You Know What It Is (4:51)
05. Da Dopeman (4:28)
06. Watch What You Say to Me (4:48)
07. Hurt (4:53)
08. Act II: T.I. (1:48)
09. Help Is Coming (4:28)
10. My Swag (4:37)
11. We Do This (3:36)
12. Show It to Me (3:22)
13. Don't You Wanna Be High (4:03)
14. Touchdown (4:49)
15. Act III: T.I. vs. T.I.P. The Confrontation (1:48)
16. Tell 'Em I Said That (4:57)
17. Respect This Hustle (4:29)
18. My Type (4:50)

Loops? I thought so too, but nope.


RZA - Instrumental Experience (2007)

22 Instrumentals from various albums


Over Here
Or on this one

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Polyrhythmaddicts "The Instrumentals"

Polyrhythmaddicts "The Instrumentals"
(256 kb/s)

01 Take Me Home
02 Motion 2000
03 Nervous Breakdown
04 Big Phat Boom
05 Seven Steps
06 Should Have Known Better

Lil' Kim "La Bella Mafia" (instrumentals)

Lil' Kim "La Bella Mafia" (instrumentals)
(256 kb/s)

playlist here

Monday, October 08, 2007

"This is the art of manslaughter, I'm more shockin then droppin a boombox in bathwater."

click image above for download

Album + Instrumentals. Still a top mainstream producer in my book. It's decent, some will like it more then others, bangs out in any whip with subs, sorry for no " bounce " instru. You'll understand when you get there. By the way, keep submitting those banner designs til Sunday, you can drop em in the cbox, or in the comments a few posts down. Or my www.myspace.com/espivmusic and send em to me in a msg uploaded somewhere.

Also I heard someone ask for Marco Polo - Canned Goods, so i'm droppin these off too. It's Canned Goods(instrus) and the Port Authority Mixtape(marco polo) shits like. . . take the heat from the equator, multiply that by the hottest point of 5 volcano's, then double that temp.

Marco Polo Link


Hydra Beats - The Next Level Vol. 1 (Godfather Don)

Hydra Beats - The Next Level Vol. 1 (Godfather Don)


Promise Land
The Roc
Crime Unit
On Point
My Level
BK Stand Up!
Let 'Em Hang
Keep Bouncing
Summer Time
Be Careful
Straight Drama
The Mobb

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Need A Favor

Yes I do....

I need as many people as possible to click here:

and vote for Entry Number 16 in the "Shirt Tales" contest.
That's my entry for the contest - if I win, I get a gift card to an online store...and I'd very much like to win.
Please vote, it's the least amount of support you can show for someone's who's put effort in sharing beats with you all.

Oh, and of course you won't be leaving empty handed:
have some beats.
VTZ -(if you've never heard of this guy...he's a fucking beast!)

1. Empire
2. Take The Pain Away

Try listening to "Empire" and tell me that shit doesn't pump you up.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hydrabeats Vol.1 - The Unsociables

Word... Homeboy Kris The Greek over at The Bomber And The Marksman helped us out with getting that much closer to a Complete Hydrabeats Instro Collection... I've NEVER seen this one, Anywhere, Ebay, other Blogs and whatnot, so I'm sure it's Rare as Fuck, and glad that Kris could get his hands on it and up it for us... Definately head over there and show him some love. YO, does anybody have a Complete Version of Vol.2 from eboogie?? I only have Tracks: 3,4,5,8, & 9... Hopefully someone can track down a complete collection for that piece. Alright, PEACE...

Hydrabeats Vol.1 - The Unsociables

Friday, October 05, 2007

"I'll rob you for a glock to use, and put the metal to ur face like doctor doom" -Espiv


Been seein alot of MF Doom requests, and I had found some freetime between all of my projects to make a quick update. Sooo yep, here it is.

Also, I apologize in advance, because theres alot of doom/villian/madlib instrus missing from this whole mix, with the next up I do, i'll include all those that aren't in this (which is literally 15+ instrus)


Strictly Beats Banner Contest. Make one with the following dimensions, preferably around: 468px(width) by 60px(height) or 320 by 240 That you think looks good and represents us well, because it'll be plastered in a few places. Post your Entries as a comment to this posting. Winner will have it here as a banner, and will also recieve 50 beats exclusive beats that really haven't been floating around to my knowledge and are just straight ill. (including 3 beats from this new AOTP album.) - If you are unable to leave a comment here, leave your entry in the cbox, and i'll paste it into the comment list for this thread... CONTEST ENDS the 14th (Next Sunday) with 25 pretty recent fire beats from marco polo port authority, vast aire, aotp, & matlock-moonshine (not to be confused with muneshine).

Until next time, be easy and keep those submissions comin.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Header Possibilities...

UPDATE -- Word. Took that 3rd Header and Flipped it a little bit... I left out a Few of the essentials in the First Version. Much happier with tha result. This Font is alot better too I think. I'm feelin this one... But let's hear from everybody. I'd also like to see what y'all can do, if you feel like puttin in work. Like Espiv said, Just add links to the image in the Comments. Let's see what the Fam can come up with... PEACE.

OH SHIT, Almost Fuckin Forgot... Meant to post this FOREVER ago, then spaced it. Anyway, I hope that everybody has heard this already, If Not, Get Ready... I wish that I would have heard this joint when it first dropped. This Track was Game-Changing at the time, '89 is when it Hit and the shit sounds just as good today. Primo was on some REAL shit, changin the sound... Anyway, CHECK IT::

DJ Premier In Deep Concentration

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

Just(in) Blazeeeeeeeeee

I know this isn't done normally (a whole post for just one song),
but Just Blaze is a fuckin monster for this one.
I would have more to share, but I'm tossing this up before I go to work.

Saigon's "Come On Baby" instrumental

god damn!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Pete Rock - The Surviving Elements

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

01 You Remind Me 03:13
02 Hop, Skip & Jump 02:55
03 (Pimp) Strut 02:59
04 Glowing 02:53
05 Smoking Room Only 03:10
06 Flying 02:52
07 Marching On 03:19
08 Placebo 02:47
09 Standard 03:11
10 Midnight And You 02:54
11 Fairground 03:11
12 Stormy Weather 02:54
13 Hip 2 Hip 03:25
14 U Are What U Are 02:42
15 Intrigue 03:16

from Soul Survivor II sessions