Friday, September 25, 2009

@ your request...

So I'm out of town again, rolling thru the Pacific Northwest on a Beat Binge. I'm actually making this post in an Internet Cafe. Saw Emancipator & DJ Vadim in Portland the night before last, a really, really good show at this super legit venue called "Holocene". He KILLED things, rocked his Korg & Guitar, and he had some dude with him that was cranking the Violin, it was hot! Talked with Doug (Emancipator) for a while, asked him about an interview & he was stoked, so stay tuned for that... Then rolled to Seattle where I'm at now for the Decibel Fest. Saw Tycho at the Seattle Art Museum last night which was EPIC. I have been wanting to see him perform for like 3 Years, & finally made it! It was soooo unbelievably good, he had Dusty Brown there to perform a couple songs with him, which was awesome. Dusty had a Moog synth, which was pretty insane, & he is a performer for sure, he oozes emotion on stage. Everything was perfect, never missed a beat, & the live visuals were amazing. PLEASE, if you ever have a chance to see Tycho, do not miss it & help support. He is one amazing person. I also spoke with him about an interview, & that should be coming up soon too. Anyway, there is a Dubstep show tonight, then on Saturday going to see Nosaj Thing & Daedelus, can't wait for that! Live Monome is going to be WILD. I'll have a MASSIVE update for y'all when I get back home. Tons of pictures & videos...

Now, onto some feelings from me. I'm fading away from wanting to post full albums from these favorite artists of mine, I actually feel pretty bad about it in a way, because they really do need support. Like, I saw Egadz at a show in Salt Lake, & he knew who I was, and he brought up me posting his albums. He said he understands what we're doing, but that it Really hurts. That made me feel REALLY bad, because I want to share & expose these artists to all of you that might not otherwise know about these artists. But try and do it without hurting them too much you know? & honestly, most of the time when I posted full albums, they were links that I found elsewhere, already uploaded. Usually the only thing I actually upload are my mixes, & tracks that I got direct from the artist... So anyway, I'm pretty much never going to post any full albums anymore from these artists that really matter to me. I know that doesn't make too much sense at this point, but after running into Egadz & hearing what he had to say, it really made me think about this. Everybody knows that music blogs are a tough situation, so I'm going to try something new. Interviews. Maybe try & work something out with the artists to get something exclusive happening here @ Strictly Beats, I'd really like to get Strictly at a point where it's like a Digital Magazine, stuff to read & learn about the artists, as opposed to just downloading their FULL albums. & always asking permission about things before posting. I'm sure a lot of you are shaking your heads at this, but it's how I feel & what I want to do. So expect to see some new things from me around here...

Alright, that's about it. I'll have an update sometime in the next week or so, & then work on the interviews shortly after that. I want to get Egadz, Emancipator & Tycho interviews up here soon. Please comment on this post, I want to hear what you all think & have to say about this idea. But, in the meantime, here is the new GUTS album. I've seen a lot of requests for it, & it is on a TON of other blogs, so I don't feel too bad about posting it up. I haven't listened to it yet, & won't be able to until I get home, so let me know if it's good! Alright, please comment & i'll catch up with everybody when I get back. PEACE!

GUTS - Freedom

@ Goodwill: Sorry about not getting back to you, just got your mails. Check yours, I got back to ya.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hubert Daviz - Sketches Mixed by illiaz

Check Hubert's page here!

Download Here!

SUBSONiQ: "Instru-mentals" (Special Episode)

Here's the latest edition of "SS Instros".  Listen below & use the Soundcloud link to download and peep the playlist!  This the first of 2 episodes for September, the 2nd will air next Tueday (9/29) at 9pm EST on Sirius XM Satellite Radio and will feature many of the submissions i have collected over the summer through my dropbox... so keep 'em coming yall!


SS Instros (J. Nota Mix)  by  Neosonix

Monday, September 21, 2009

Beat Maker Beat - Soul Food Music (Raw Drafts)

26 tracks total and I love every single one of them. Make sure to give this a listen. Enjoy!

Download Here!

Visit his page here!

A snippet from one of his up and coming releases.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

bluetint 3 (instrumentals)-NAWLEDGE WHERE YOU AT? VIDEO TOO

first an foremost, to make this post officially 'fresh' i present: the new record/video for a record taken from a new album from DEL and TAME ONE... possibly a classic album, brings up the new krs and buck shot album to mind actually... so yeah.. this shit is great, their first verse each really got me hooked, i swear those two verses must of been freestyled, and if not they captured the style of a freestyle .... either way it's most enjoyable in my opinion.

i did not make these(i'm posting them because i know they are useful in many ways, not so much as typical instrumentals, but look at them like sample records) so please direct all your pent up hate towards something else because i will only laugh at you:(

names have been changed to protect the innocent links:

i present to you: the blue tint 3 instrumentals

so this is ironically not my style, but i must admit there are loops in these that can be used(and some are sonically perfect) and single shots galore... aside from the tiny-ness that can't be saved or overshadowed like a diy acapella can. THESE ARE HOMEMADE INSTRUMENTALS using phasing techniques and noise cancellation and probably a few different vst' in the past i thought hey why not use the same techniques i use on acapellas to make instrumentals too, BUT I OPTED NOT TO because a imperfect diy acapella can sound fine when placed on a beat but a imperfect diy instrumental can not be "fixed" by placing an acapella on it... so yeah i think it's to much for to little but that's just me. milling aroung other sites on the web i know people want this and have found mostly dead links. so for those that appreciate it, your welcome, and to those that are gonna cry and bitch about it

click here to get part 1

click here to get part 2

there are 15 tracks. i'm sure the originals will be released at some point along with the acapellas like this artist does for all his major records. so look forward to that.

also check this out and add it to your websites to help get it started.


i've seen places for pirated software. vst' plug ins etc. but never a blogspot dedicated to FREEware and trial software.. SO i started it. and trust me some of the best software and most powerful IS FREE.

(EDIT: now the new blog spot will house, book, movie and music reviews/recommendations too..)
there are many posts already, and if your interested in being a contributor then hit me up at acapellaarchives. specifically looking for someone to contribute free and useful vst' plug ins, i've allready got one certified pc vst
plug in professional that is going to contribute but the more the merrier.

IF YOU'D LIKE TO DO A LINK EXCHANGE THEN ADD THE BLOGSPOT TO YOUR WEB PAGE/blogspot BLOG ROLL AND LEAVE A COMMENT WITH A LINK TO YOUR SITE, and i will add your page to our blogroll if it's a 'good' site.

NAWLEDGE, you are needed please. we'd like to get a mac user to contribute. drop a comment or email me, email address is at acapellaarchives

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Electrconic smoothness!!! :-)

Visit Teebs page here and check out some more of his music and artwork

Download Teebs 09 here!

Odetta/Treehouse - Beat Tape Vol. 1

Really smooth mellow jazzy sound by Odetta a.k.a Treehouse.
This is Odetta's first beat tape,which he released under the name Treehouse. Make sure to check out his other beat tapes Cut & Paste Soul vol. 1 &2 you wont be disappointed. Check out Odetta's page here!

You can downlaod the Treehouse beat tape here!

Links provided by

Lateef Dameer - Diary of A Ballad Drummer Vol. 1

Download or Stream Here!
Check Lateef's page out here!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Guillermo Scott Herren(Prefuse 73) - Sleeping On Saturday And Sunday Afternoon (CDr) -2003

This is a 2003 tour CD that Scott Herren a.k.a Prefuse 73 has released for free.

Learn more about the release here.

Get it here!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gnawledge - Granada Doaba

Something Different!!!!!

"Granada Doaba is a flamenco hip-hop collaboration album recorded in Spain, produced by Gnawledge and funded by a Fulbright Scholar research grant."

"We’d like to to invite all singers, rappers, DJs, producers + musicians to collaborate with our project and remix the album with your unique perspective. Contact us if you have any questions, or just download the riddims and start remixing!"

Dont forget to check out their remix section. Some intresting sounds on there.

You can download or listen here!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009



Link to GRAVITY MOVEMENT's page!

Freddie Joachim - Getaway EP (2009)


01. Splendor
02. Awake
03. One More Night
04. Suzie
05. Flip Birds


Alternate Link Here!

Check Freddie's page out Here!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Constrobuz - BEATS Vol. 3

Download Here!

Sugoisounds - Neon Beats

Download Neon Beats Here!

If you havent already make sure to check out Sugoisounds first beat tape titled Solar Beats.
Download It Here!

For Sugoisounds page click here!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

REL - Orchestration (Mixed by DJ Haylow)


01. Grand Entrance
02. Once In A Lifetime
03. One Single House
04. Bayside
05. Super Friends
06. Escalator
07. Kush
08. Chop Shop
09. Insomnia
10. It’s A Stickup
11. Good Vibration
12. Good Morning
13. Uh Oh
14. Light One For Dilla
15. Everything I Need
16. Moment In Time
17. I Got Those
18. Words And Actions
19. Eye Contact
20. Castles
21. Heartbeat
22. Soul Clap
23. I Never Had
24. Get You Back
25. Hey!
26. Thank You.

"Not to be classified as an ordinary mixtape or producers beat CD, Orchestration is unparalleled.

Created on the premise of an orchestral score, producer REL and DJ Haylow collaborate to bring you a truly unique interpretation of Hip Hop instrumentalism. The Orchestration project contains over 30 instrumentals produced solely by REL, who displays a range in sound that is distinct and can be appreciated by any music aficionado.

DJ Haylow has an extensive mixtape catalog, but he approached this assignment from an unfamiliar angle. Playing the role as the "conductor", Haylow blends, tweaks, and manipulates REL's production to give the Orchestration project a cohesive refinement that is worthy of it's own musical genre. "

With REL as the arranger and DJ Haylow as the conductor, Orchestration is the contemporary model for Hip Hop instrumentation."

Download Here!

Friday, September 11, 2009

qwel and maker-so be it-instrumentals

click here to download: Qwel_AND_Maker-So_Be_It_Instrumentals

1. (00:03:45) Qwel & Maker - Gnosticism (Instrumental)
2. (00:04:10) Qwel & Maker - Back Stage Pass (Instrumental)
3. (00:04:39) Qwel & Maker - Friend Or Foe (Instrumental)
4. (00:04:22) Qwel & Maker - Har Megiddo (Instrumental)
5. (00:05:02) Qwel & Maker - Interlude-Meditation (Instrumental)
6. (00:03:50) Qwel & Maker - Berzerker (Instrumental)
7. (00:03:58) Qwel & Maker - White Elephant (Instrumental)
8. (00:04:00) Qwel & Maker - Fear As A Weapon (Instrumental)
9. (00:03:09) Qwel & Maker - No Joke (Instrumental)
10. (00:03:38) Qwel & Maker - No Joke (Instrumental)
11. (00:03:38) Qwel & Maker - Interlude-So Be It (Instrumental)
12. (00:03:57) Qwel & Maker - Paper Dolls (Instrumental)
13. (00:03:55) Qwel & Maker - Golden Era (Instrumental)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

zipped folders to the previous singles post-intrumentals

Get here!
divine mind-front_page_(instrumental)
respect_the_architect_guru and bahamdia(rmx_instrumental)
main source-watch_roger_do_his_thing_instrumental
Get here!
louis logic-guilty_as_charged_(instrumental)
freestyle fellowship-sex_in_the_city_instrumental
Get here!
gang starr-just_to_get_a_rep_(instrumental)
ultramagnetic mc'sone_two_one_two_(instrumental)
divine mind-centerstage_(instrumental)
ultramagnetic mc's-two_brothers_with_checks_(instrumental)
Get here!
louis logic-logic_and_reason_(instrumental)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Sir OJ - Smoke Business Beat Tape EP

This EP is straight fire! All 10 tracks are banging. Track 4 alone is worth the download. I must of replayed Track 4 about 20 times :-)


Link Courtesy of

Download Here!

Alternate Download Link Here!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

instrumental singles september

i will post zipped folders of these soon

Get dr._noh-all_alone__instrumental here!
Get front_page__instrumental_-krbz here!
Get lone_catalysts-paper_chase__instrumental here!
Get el_gant__instrumental here!
Get last_emperor-secret_wars_part_2__instrumental here!

Get masai_bey_and_b.m.s.-innersection__creepy_crawly_remix_instrumental here!
Get self_scientific-ends_to_means__instrumental here!
Get rasco-real_hot__instrumental here!
Get guru-respect_the_architect__rmx_instrumental here!
Get rjd2-saliva_instrumental here!
Get talib_kweli-jackin_4_beats__instrumental here!
Get talib_kweli-prime_example__instrumental here!
Get watch_roger_do_his_thing_instrumental here!
Get arsonists-what_you_want__instrumental here!
Get atmosphere_ft_brother_ali-cats_vans_bags-instrumental here!
Get damian_marley_ft_notorious_big-welcome_2_jamrock__instrumental here!
Get dilated_peoples-certified_official__instrumental here!
Get epmd-the_joint_instrumental here!
Get erykah_badu-otherside_of_the_game__instrumental here!
Get louis logic-guilty_as_charged__instrumental_-cms.mp3 here!
Get inspectah_deck-hes_a_rebel-_instrumental here!
Get count bass-d-on_the_reels__instrumental here!
Get aceyalone-perfect_romance__instrumental here!
Get freestyle fellowship-sex_in_the_city_instrumental here!
Get the_coup-5_million_ways_to_kill_a_c.e.o.__instrumental here!
Get the_high_and_mighty_-take_it_off__instrumental here!
Get arsonists-in_your_town__instrumental here!
Get dilated_peoples-live_on_stage__instrumental here!
Get dilated_peoples-primetime__instrumental here!
Get gang starr just_to_get_a_rep__instrumental here!
Get masai_bey_and_b.m.s.-rapavenge__midnight_drive_remix_instrumental here!
Get eligh-nightlife__instrumental here!
Get ultramagnetic mc's-one_two_one_two__instrumental here!
Get the_large_professor_instrumental here!
Get nas-you_owe_me__instrumental here!
Get eligh-actors_have_no_friends__instrumental here!
Get apathy-school__instrumental here!
Get atmosphere-reflections-instrumental here!
Get atmosphere-women with the tattooed hands_instrumental here!
Get divine mind_rubix_MFdoom-centerstage__instrumental here!
Get dilated_peoples-clockwork__instrumental here!
Get dr._noh-action_crews__instrumental here!
Get last_emperor-some_love_some_hate_remix__instrumental here!
Get lone_catalysts-heirs__instrumental here!
Get mos_def_and_blackstar-blackstar-bright_as_the_stars__instrumental here!
Get self_scientific-do_for_self__instrumental here!
Get ultramagnetic mc's-two_brothers_with_checks__instrumental here!
Get arsonists-millionaire__instrumental here!
Get atmosphere-modern_mans_music_instrumental here!
Get dilated_peoples-live_on_stage_remix_ft_talib_kweli__instrumental here!
Get gang starr discipline__instrumental here!
Get eligh-forks_in_the_road__instrumental here!
Get el grant-freaks__instrumental here!
Get inspectah_deck-big_city-_instrumental here!
Get logic_and_reason__instrumental here!
Get piece_of_the_pie_ft._esoteric_and_virtuoso__instrumental here!
Get rasco-the_sweet_science_feat._chali_2na__instrumental here!
Get roll_em_right__instrumental here!
Get the_high_and_mighty_-cheese_factory__instrumental here!
Get aceyalone-this_is_your_time_now__instrumental here!
Get atmosphere-beatmosphere_instrumental here!
Get lone_catalysts-thin_as_paper__instrumental here!
Get the_high_and_mighty_-right_here__instrumental here!
Get violatin__the_mighty_v.i.c._remix___instrumental here!
Get apathy-immortal__instrumental here!
Get arsonists-pyromaniax__original___instrumental here!
Get cocoa_brovaz-spanish_harlem__instrumental here!
Get dilated_peoples-give_it_to_them__instrumental here!
Get dilated_peoples-this_way_feat_kanye_west__instrumental here!

Skillz (a universal beat tape)

"This is Tomorrow present Skillz, a beat tape featuring beatmakers from all around the world. "

01. dul - beat 11
02. jekai soulspeak - passing everything by
03. rob love - hockey mask music
04. this is tomorrow - nothing is as it seems
05. the billion dollar quartet - philosophy is learning to die
06. trishes - aeroflot 08
07. graziano - the way it iz
08. eyes of phases - steps of imperfection
09. king elam - laws flute joint
10. sta - berty
11. katrah quey - last piano beat part 4
12. dj pc - sp beat 30
13. zajazza - method number one
14. le freaque - harlem nights
15. noza - dear old budapest
16. true statiks - sun 85.5 bpm
17. madscientist - don't blaze
18. jbm - stop falling in love
19. lp2 - i think of you
20. dj ian head - rush rush
21. asthmatic astronaut - space jazz
22. akira kiteshi - albino egg


Monday, September 07, 2009

GorDan - The Beat Tape #1

01 - Bustin' Out Of Doors
02 - Loving you
03 - Cheaps Thrills
04 - Chance
05 - Poetry Man
06 - Bobby Digital - La Rumba Remix
07 - If You Went Away
08 - Return To Forever
09 - Loving You Too
10 - The Rest Of Your Life
11 - Once Upon A Time
12 - Ghostface Killah - Mighty Healthy
13 - One Love
14 - This Dream
15 - Beat 110
16 - Gloomy Sunday
17 - Dragon
18 - Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt II Remix
19 - Never Again Is Such A Long Time
20 - Notorious BIG - Dangerous MC's Remix

Download GorDan - The Beat Tape #1
Learn more about GorDan Here !

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Blu - Instrumentals

Download - No Sleep For A Day Instrumental EP"

Download - Blu - Open(theInstrumentalLP) Note: One continous MP3


















Friday, September 04, 2009

Grimeshine - Like An Elevator (Instrumentals)

Nice and smooth "Boom Bap" type sounds! Sleep if you want but I wouldnt recommend it :-)

Download Here!

Check Grimeshine's info. here MySpace!

Beat Battle at the Rooms of Red Bull: “The Afterthought” + DJ BLOODBEATS - INSTRUMENTAL BOUTIQUE VOL.3(Sampler)

01 J’83 – Dr Wiley’s Groove
02 Y’skid – Played Out
03 Marcus Sebastian – Nasty Lady
04 1st Angle – Yo
05 Jay Bordeaux – Attack 2A
06 Bluntspeakers – Indigo Flirt
07 Hayzee – Roustabouts
08 Dukehugh – Gemkraft
09 Dyno – Sosis Mas
10 Louis Bordeaux – A Lo-Fi Hymn Before The Cosmic Rain
11 I-Sa – Syco3
12 Wan – BoomClickClap
13 StatikMusic – Drummond
14 FS Green – HEmawfuckinMAN
15 Presto – Colloseum
16 I.N.T – ChinChin Salute (Cats Come Wack)

Bonus Beats

17 J’83 – Boss #7
18 StatikMusic – MetalBrass
19 Hayzee – DOOMFOOD

Download Here!

Link Courtesy of

"Instrumental Boutique" is the first of its kind project in Russia. It is a series of compilations containing instrumental hip-hop beats only! Started by DJ Bloodbeats from the german / russian project Bullet Proof Crew, volume 1 and 2 is already out there , featuring - besides well - known and newcomer beat makers from the countries of the former Soviet Union - an exclusive track by DJ Vadim (BBE) from UK ! Following parts of the compilation series are planned to be bigger, so if you make funky or jazzy or soulful beats and would like to take part in this unique project - mail to : ."

Note: Vol 1 is available for free download on the net.

DJ BLOODBEATS - INSTRUMENTAL BOUTIQUE VOL.3(12 minute - Sampler) Check it out!
Im not sure when the full length album is being released but I am going to be looking out for it.

Download Here!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Blast From The Past!

What's Up Fam!?!? Nawledge here, back in effect with this post after finishin up with the CRAZIEST ROAD TRIP OF LIFE! That's the reason for my lack of presence over here during the past 2 Months. Started in LA right after July 4th for a good friend's Wedding, then on to Sacramento/San Francisco/Portland/Gov. Camp Mt. Hood Oregon for some summer riding/Seattle/Vancouver BC/then back home to Salt Lake, 2 Months later... Spent about $3,000 & destroyed the Liver every night. FUCKIN EPIC TRIP! I had this crazy old Polaroid & some expired film the whole time, took some bangin shots & put 'em in this slideshow. Thought some of y'all that like Photography might want to check it out.

But before that let me just say that I've noticed a few heads in the CBox asking where I've been, & missing my posts & shit. I want you to know, those FEW comments get me Really amped on wanting to keep going with this Blog stuff. It is a lot of work, & we do it for the love, so its REALLY dope to see even just a few people that are asking about where I've been, and where my posts had gone. Basically helped me confirm that I'm actually doin this for a reason. Thanks for those comments people! For Real... Alright, enough about me & where I've been at. Here we go:

I figure it's been a while since my last post, so I wanted to do somethin a little special/different with this one. For a while, I've been thinkin about my Favorite "Top 10" Instrumental albums, and was going to do a Top 10 post. But then realized that I kind of separate my Instrumentals into 2 different Genres now: New & Old. So, I'm going to break it down like that, & I tossed up 10 of my favorite beats from my favorite albums growing up into this Mix, The Classics.

This is mainly for discussion, as I'm sure most of you have all the beats already. But I'd like to hear your agreements/disagreements on my selections, what you think I may have left out, what you would put in, etc... I'm interested to hear what everybody else considers CLASSIC. No tracklist, just expect beats from each album in the picture spread below.

Best Of - The Classics

Cool, then I was thinking, there were a few Artists that were ahead of their time from years back, artists that kind of ushered in the new "Sound" of Instrumental music, helped to kind of "Bridge The Gap" between the Old sound & the New sound. There are only 5 tracks in this one, & they are just random tracks that jumped out at me as having that Future Sound. Especially when they came out. Anyway, you gotta have that middle ground between New & Old, and these represent that pretty good I think.

Best Of - Bridging The Gap

Now on to the New Classics. These are a whole bunch of tracks that I've already posted in the past, all the stuff im currently listening to. These I consider to be Classic already. & I want you to know that these mixes are all tailored to what I used to listen to, or am listening to now. There are a TON of new artists that could go in this mix, & a whole bunch unmentioned that could belong in the Old Classics too. From Lord Finesse & Easy Mo Bee, to Black Milk & Ras G. The list goes on... I'm basically posting the stuff I listen to, & what matters most to me. What you hear is what I hear, New or Old.

Best Of - The New Classics

** This mix does contain 1 New Track that I haven't ever posted. It's from Glen Porter's new album "Falling Down" that dropped on the 28th of Aug. The track is from the 12" Single, it's entitled "Need Itself, Pt.2" EVERYBODY go to iTunes & buy the album, i'm not going to post it. It's 9.99 & it's really, really well done. A great album. Go get it. **


*** So, as I was posting this I realized that I'm pretty sure I forgot to remove the DRM Protection on the Glen Porter track mentioned above, because it was an iTunes purchase. So, here is a DRM Free version that I uploaded to Rapidshare, download this one so you will actually be able to listen to it & have the DRM Free. ***
Glen Porter - Need Itself Pt.2

Next, I was shocked & appalled when I noticed that this album had never been posted here in its entirety. O.C.'s "Word... Life" remains as one of my Best & Favorite Albums ever for Lyrical & Production quality. It's basically entirely produced by Buckwild, so... If you missed out on this album, you're childhood was not complete. Glad to find it & get it posted. I hope all of you enjoy it.

O.C. - "Word... Life" Instrumentals

Alright, on the subject of Blue Sky Black Death & Unreleased shit, I've got this. The Orphan Tape. One half of BSBD, "Kingston" the producer from Seattle, used to go by "The Orphan" as a solo producer. I found some random track that a guy had posted on YouTube, some unreleased BSBD track, & in the comments it said it was from "The Orphan Tape". I asked the dude if he could hook it up with the full tape, & so now I have it for you. It has a few tracks from the BSBD Lost & Unreleased, but it has a whole bunch of other shit too. There is a track called "No Glory" that is highly legit. Enjoy, let us know what you think.

The Orphan - Space Needle Sounds

This one is just something I grabbed from HHB a bit back. But I remember we posted his 1st album up a while ago, and people seemed to like it. So, got this one for y'all. It has some cool shit on it, some really hard hitting bass & drums on some tracks. Enjoy.

Metaform - Beats From The Crypt

I noticed a request for this in the CBox a few days back, so here you go... There aren't any voice-over tag shit on this one. It is way easier to listen to & there are some definite bangers on the album. You can't argue with the fact that he can make some dope beats for being so young. Let's not BLOW UP on this one huh? Usually when a Cloud album gets posted up I tend to see 9,000 random negative comments flyin all over the place, & that shit is pointless. Anybody that makes something that you can nod your head to, deserves our respect. I like this dude & his beats, so lets try & keep the comments somewhat partially on the positive side people. Thanks.

Cloud - Self Law

And finally, I must mention the entity that is MEXICANS WITH GUNS!!! I've been meaning to do a main post on the man, but he doesn't really fall into the "Instrumental" side of things, 2 of these tracks are Instrumentals. So, I REALLY like this shit, I don't know how a lot of you will feel it, but I really dig it. MWG is a side-project from Ernest Gonzales, & im pretty sure that Ernest is such a musically diverse fellow that he is making so many tracks that sound so different, he has to create multiple aliases to agree with that particular sound of music. MWG is basically a remix producer, that's what I call it. He basically just flips the track a little bit, adds some bangin synth sounds & hard hits, and when he's done doing his thing, the result is a definite club banger from what was once a track that may not even belong in the club in the first place. Take my favorite version, The Faunts track, "Feel Love Thinking Of", listen to the original version somewhere on YouTube, then listen to the flip on this mix. That's what im talkin about, perfect display, & I can't wait to hear more... I see big things happening for Ernest Gonzales in the future, & all of his aliases. Keep doing your thing, because I like the sound.

Mexicans With Guns - My Top 6

Alright, just about done here lacing your dome with that new Crack. I'm gonna leave you with 2 diverse tracks that I have been feeling a lot lately. Found the first 1 from Scott Hansen's (Tycho) Blog, & the other Dub track I just came across in a random folder somewhere. I don't know anything about it. Some Electro, & some Drums. ENJOY.

Siriusmo - "High Together"

Roberto Torres & Bill Laswell - "Cien Fuegos Dub"

Alright, that's it for this go around. Glad to be back, had an ALL TIME Summer & cant wait for the seasons to change, along with the Blog. Lets keep it going to 2010 People!!! PEACE.

DJ King Flow, DJ PLK & Seven R - Ups & Downs (Instrumental LP)

DJ King Flow, DJ PLK & Seven R - Ups & Downs (Instrumental LP)

King Flow asked me to post his new Instrumental LP he just finished with DJ's PLK & Seven R. Here's what they have to say;

DJ King Flow, DJ PLK and Seven R have just finished their first instrumental LP, it consists of a 13 tracks album with a special mixture of Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Disco and R&B sounds...

It's the first time that 3 young producers drop something with this kind of musicality.


01 Do U Remember
02 Ups And Downs
03 Cool As Ice
04 U Got The Look
05 Funk You
06 Holidays
07 She's Special
08 Oh Yeah
09 The Way It Was
10 Nostalgia
11 Gettin Higher
12 My Way
13 Down In The City

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