Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sizemen - A Tribute to Tak Shindo


BeNeVoLeNcE - Once Upon a Time.


strictlybeats mix 08

Here is this month's installment of the SBmix. As always a selection of music that catches my ear together with beats from submissions leftovers.

I must tell you about that new "Madlib Medicine Show #12: Raw Medicine" if you haven't heard it yet! This medicine show 12 is part mixtape, part beat tape and it has so many dope tracks on it,,crazy..Its been a long time since i heard some dope madlib hiphop. I wanted to play a couple tracks in this month's SB mix and had a real hard time choosing. cop this one!! or if you are a pro google a DL url.

mp3 download
older shows

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

OffBeatKid - Compilation vol​.​2

The offbeatkid sends us his new release, I meant to post his tape sooner but you know how it goes!. Check it out on bandcamp .. 23 beats.. nice and easy tape!


Friday, September 16, 2011

khaderbai - krüml no​.​01 - d'schildchrodd

Long time no post from me. But this time I need to point all of your heads to this guy from my neck of the woods.

Khaderbai is a guy who calls himself "a rather private beatmaker from Zurich" (Switzerland). And perfectly in line with his modesty and self-effacement he named his first release "d'schildchrodd" (the turtle). Some people with 10 times the ego and budget deliver debuts not even half as good. But this first release of his "krüml" (crumbs) series is quite the dopeness. I won't lose a lot of words, cos once you've peeped the video as an appetizer you'll probably agree with my 6-year-old son catching me play it and shout "das isch cooli Musig!" (take a wild guess what that meant.)

And here's the stupid part: you download his full album and pick your own price. Well-made music is supposed to be worth more than a pack of gum. So show some dignity and respect, will you?

Bandcamp: khaderbai - krüml no​.​01 - d'schildchrodd

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hollow Pigeons - Ike slimster - Bahwee

Letters to Kiko EP - Hollow Pigeons

[experimental ambient beats],
I love that "Spoiled Little LA Girl " track!

Sounds: 21 - Ike slimster

Bahwee - Sketches

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Gypdahip - Break Beat Summer Chic E.P.


AARDVARCK - Loopin For The Perfect Beat

"This guy made a beats mix, He has been working on this mix for more than a year and it contains every fucking classic beat there is out there. He switches most beats after 2 or 3 seconds so you have no time to enjoy it because you are already listening to another classic!!"

A must listen!!
I added a backup mp3 download because im expecting that the soundcloud download limit will be reached soon.

mp3 download