Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flako - The Mesektet

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fLako – The Mesektet

A01. Irukandji

A02. Sun Ba

A03. YeahYeahYeah

A04. Sluggish Thing

A05. Moving Molecules

A06. Knots

B07. Crying On The In

B08. Drops

B09. Druff

B10. The Wrong Guy

B11. With You

B12. Welcome

B13. Dwarf Dance

C14. Eluma Horns

C15. Lullaby

C16. Humming

C17. One Quarter

C18. Lords Of Chaos

C19. That's Right

C20. Poten

D21. Chapter 4

D22. SP405

D23. Mirror Box

D24. Wedjit

D25. Passage

E26. Colors Of Love

E27. Dwarf Spell

E28. Hotsh

E29. Peter and the Whale

E30. Shake It Harder

Dutchmassive - Yawn Of The Gemini

Much love for artists from the 813 (Tampa,FL)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dabearmansoul - Suelo

Dabearmansoul is a producer out of Santaigo, Chile.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Perfect Picture | Akromégalie Records

Producer and rapper from Paris, France, Lex (of Kalhex) releases his first instrumental album. More than just a tribute to a style or a period,"Perfect Picture" brings back that golden era gritty sound (Sample + Bass + Drumbreaks), inspired by artists such as Pete Rock, Fat Jon or Kan Kick. A 14 tracks 2xLP now available in a limited edition of 300 copies worldwide.

DJ Bombay - Forever Wondering | Professa - For Mii | WallB - Beauty Beats |

Beauty Beats brought to you by Wall-B...

Colourful Storms – Damu The Fudgemunk
Vibe Out – Cold Legistics
1nce Again (Instrumental) – A Tribe Called Quest
Trouble N Da West – Declaime
Track 07 – Nick Philips aka Beatnick
Sunroof (Instrumental) – People Under The Stairs
Rotten Apple (Instrumental) – Royal Flush
Wicked Wayz – Declaime
Calm Down – Brawdcast
Where We’re Headin’ – Joe Walby
Intro – Audyssey
15 minutes
Slow Bullet – People Under The Stairs
Dr. No – Shy Guy
Abbey Mode – Audyssey
Judgement Day – Damu The Fudgemunk
Steep Into Blues – Oll Zen
Place of Birth - Planet Asia
Illmindmusik – Declaime
How Sweet It Is – Mark Rae & Mr Scruff
Rebirth of Cool – DJ Cam Quartet
Hogs On The Hill – Damu The Fudgemunk
30 minutes
Runnin’ – Visioneers
Groovin’ – Kero One
Holographic Universe – Thievery Corporation
Ganesh – Flying Lotus
The 80s – J Dilla
Unreleased Instrumental – Oll Zen & Osmoose
The Method – The White Shadow of Norway
La 4eme Dimension – DJ Cam
African Style – Planet Asia
Liquid – L-Fudge
45 minutes
Coffee Table – Damu The Fudgemunk
I’ve Committed Murder (Gangstarr remix) – Macy Gray feat. Mos Def
What’s The Reaction (Instrumental) – Kwest Tha Madd Ladd
San Francisco Knights (Instrumental) – People Under The Stairs
Leisure – The White Shadow of Norway
MC Squared – J Dilla
DJ Vinroc – Two – Astro Jazziel
Close Your Eyes – DJ Day
Anthenagin’ – Madlib
Beauty Beats – Beats Antique
J.J. Bailey – DJ Logic
Sun Hammer Pounding – Dial81
Save Your Breath - Para

Stricklybeats mix 04

Here is this month's installment of the SBmix.
For this month i was hoping to do something special but things did not come together as i had planned so lets move on to the next.

Check out SBmix04 and if you have any sugestions or ideas for this mix series, hit me up

mp3 download

Monday, March 21, 2011

Stone Detectives - Sendai Selections (japan fundraiser)

It's time to take real action! Following the devasting earthquake and tsunami in Japan presents the fund raising project "Sendai Selections" with music by Stone Detectives.

Buy the CD now and receive a 21-track album of unreleased music by a duo from the Netherlands and Canada.

Every dollar you spend will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society and UNICEF for Children Japan fund to support efforts to rebuild Japan for now and into the future.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Nuttkase-Dope Remixes Vol1 - Instrumentals

01 Nuttkase - Black Snow (ft. Ill Bill, Apathy) Instrumental
02 Nuttkase - Puppet Master (ft. Cypress Hill, Dr. Dre) Instrumental
03 Nuttkase - Put Ya Dukes Up (ft. Apathy) Instrumental
04 Nuttkase - Caked Up (ft. Little Vic, Kool G Rap) Instrumental
05 Nuttkase - Hope (ft. Nas) Instrumental
06 Nuttkase - Black Christmas (ft. Army Of The Pharaohs) Instrumental
07 Nuttkase - Do It (ft. La Coka Nostra) Instrumental
08 Nuttkase - Reptilian Renaissance (ft. Sick Jacken) Instrumental
09 Nuttkase - 5 Boros (ft. Non Phixion) Instrumental
10 Nuttkase - I Am (ft. Bekay) Instrumental
11 Nuttkase - Heavy Metal Kings (ft. Jedi Mind Tricks, Ill Bill) Instrumental
12 Nuttkase - Mood 2 Bust (ft. ArchNME) Instrumental
13 Nuttkase - Tear It Down (ft. Army Of The Pharaohs) Instrumental
14 Nuttkase - Science Of The Bumbrus (ft. Apathy, Celph Titled & Open Mic) Instrumental
15 Nuttkase - You Ain't A Killer (ft. Big Pun) Instrumental
16 Nuttkase - Drag You To Hell (ft. Vinnie Paz) Instrumental
17 Nuttkase - Mighty Healthy (ft. Ghostface Killah) Instrumental
18 Nuttkase - Connivers (ft. Q-Unique) Instrumental
19 Nuttkase - Nirvana (ft. Necro, Ill Bill, Goretex & Mr Hyde) Instrumental





L'Orange - The Manipulation EP


Monday, March 14, 2011

ProfLogik - Audible Palidrome



Languid - Soulness Side 1


NegroSaki - NegroSaki Takes Over Anime



Elaquent - The Midnight After (2011 Album Teaser)

Listen Here

The Jones Orchestra - Instrumentals Volume One


"The Jones Orchestra is the musical alias of Jonah Miller. Based in Long Beach, CA, The Jones Orchestra specializes in instrumental music combining synths, samples, and live instrumentation"

My absolute favorite tracks off this release are 4 and 17.
Enjoy and support the dude if you feel his music.

K-Murdock - Piano-rama (Instrumentals)

Not trying to do any shameless plugging but had a lot of fans ask if i'd put these out, so BAM, the instrumentals to my solo record, Piano-rama, are up for purchase at Bandcamp.  Listen below, "Like" it if you dig it and know that any support is appreciated ;)  Already brainstorming the next volume of my Mood Muzik series too.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saneyes - Saneyes​/​Gainsbourg : You're Under arrest (Detournement d'art mineur)


TightMike - Bobbin&Weavin


ClassicBeatz - Ntale's Groove

"Ntale’s Groove is an instrumental project attempting to trace Jason’s African roots through music. Ntale’s is the tribal name that was given to Jason on his second visit to East Africa.

From Jan 7th to March 18th Ntale’s Groove will be released one song at a time over an 11 week period on the Laid Back radio website. Each release will have additional content(stories, video ,pictures) to complement the music. You can view the articles at
creditsreleased 07 January 2011
Album Artwork: Olivier Biname aka Oli-B
Author (Ntale Stories): Bayo Awesu

Phil Rodriguez: Trumpet
Dylan Heaney: Saxophone/Horn Arrangements
Rick Parker: Trombone
Nathan Peck: Bass
Christopher Tignor: Violin/String Arrangement
Alex Greenbaum: Chello
Tim Collins: Vibraphones
Greg Diamond: Guitar
Manny Lopez: Congas/Percussion
Brandi Means: Flute
Bilen Gaga: Vocals
Charlotte Mdoe: Vocals
Tosin Musik: Percussion
Ludwig Afonso: Drums "


Myke Forte - Zodiak Virgo


Thursday, March 10, 2011