Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dropping Science

01- Opus

02 - Covenant

03 - Best Part

04 - Long Run

05 - Cashcraft

06 - Three Kings

07 - We All Need

08 - Murderation

09 - You Can't Fall

10 - Self Science

11 - Quality

12 - Love Allah

13 - Loc'd Angels

14 - Anguish

15 - Return

What ever you do dont sleep on this drop. This album is a classic in my honest opinion. I am refering to both the vocal and instrumental version. Every single track on here is pure fire but my personal favorite is "12 - Love Allah". If you are truly feeling this please dont forget to support the artist.

Friday, August 29, 2008

More Beats!!!!!!!!

Devon - 2088

Jobe - Beat Tape

Ghetto Girl (Instrumental)

Neighborhood Hoe (Instrumental)

Hocus Pocus Instrumentals

192 kbps & 192 kbps (VBR)

6 Beats from French Beatmaker 20Syl for his group Hocus Pocus.
Support them! Buy 1st Album 2nd Album !!!

Hip Hop (Instrumental)
Malade 2006 (Instrumental)
You (Instrumental)
Du Sable Sur Les Paupieres (Instrumental)
J'attends (Instrumental)
Bonus Pocus (Instrumental)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Super Smoky Soul - Assortment Of Beats Vol.1 2008

Super Smoky Soul - Assortment Of Beats Vol.1 [2008]


A1 Track 1 3:06
A2 Track 2 2:45
A3 Track 3 2:51
A4 Track 4 2:00
B1 Track 5 3:04
B2 Track 6 1:39
B3 Track 7 3:08
B4 Track 8 2:11


link fixed
big-up Straight Out The Congo

Five Deez - Table Noise Vol. 1-3 2008

Five Deez - Table Noise Vol. 1-3 [2008]

01 03:14 Track01
02 02:39 Track02
03 02:32 Track03
04 03:20 Track04
05 03:52 Track05
06 02:16 Track06
07 02:09 Track07
08 01:58 Track08
09 02:03 Track09
10 02:28 Track10
11 02:00 Track11
12 02:50 Track12
13 01:42 Track13
14 02:36 Track14
15 02:01 Track15
16 02:10 Track16
17 01:29 Track17
18 02:04 Track18
19 02:04 Track19


Monday, August 25, 2008

Dert - The Seattle Situation

30 Tracks! Dont Sleep :-)

blackalicious-blazing arrow(instrumentals)

click here to download:

17 beats... dope stuff in my opinion

Damu The Fudgemunk - Overtime (2008) (Free Download)

Damu @ Blogspot

Damu @ MySpace

Y Society (Damu & Insight)

"It’s been a few months since Damu The Fudgemunk, the Washington DC based hip-hop producer, hit us with a full collection MPC funk. His previous release, Spare Time left more than few jaws dropped when realizing what can be accomplished when a skilled musician is locked in a basement with nothing but a sampler and an envious stash of vinyl.

Never one to leave fans without instrumental satisfaction for too long, Damu drops Overtime to build even further on his ever growing reputation as a mighty force on the MPC.

We’re giving away Overtime (9 instrumentals, 2 vocal tracks, and 2 video clips), DRM-free, playable in iTunes, on your iPod, your Zune, or any other player."

Sunday, August 24, 2008

K-Def presents Willie Boo Boo The Fool

Apparently it's okay to post it here after all, so here I go (again), for those that missed out on the first three times this got posted...

Beat albums don't always make for good listening from beginning to end, but this one sure does.

(djesp edit: k-def was generous enough to permit a link, so we want to make sure you know where to buy an authorized copy/how to put money in his pocket if you're feeling it. Oh, and a "deluxe 4-piece vinyl edition" will be out this winter.)

CD: buy it @amazon
MP3 album: buy it @iTunes

four tet-dialouge-instrumentals(m4a format, sorry for those that are spoiled with easy mp3')

these files are m4a, not mp3... anyone that has any idea about things will know how to convert these files to mp3 IF they have to. here is a link for those that have no idea. i dont use that program BUT it gives you an idea what might work.. be careful what you download..

click here to download: four tet-dialouge

1. Space of Two Weeks
2. Chiron
3. Alambradas
4. 3.3 Degrees from the Pole
5. Misnomer
6. Liquefaction
7. She Scanned
8. Calamine
9. Butterfly Effect
10. Aying
11. Fume
12. Charm

google four tet so you get an idea of what your downloading... if you complain after doing that or decide to download with out researching their sound then you MAYBE an idiot.

i got one other of 'four tet' album that has not been uploaded here yet... and i'll share that "soon" as i get a chance...

also some hip hop.. if you want some modern day classic material then head over to "acapellarchives".. zakeus just posted "mochipet-micraphonet-instrumentals..and acapellas. Also there are a number of requests i've seen in the SB c-box that ARE/have been posted at acapellarchives and instrumental inheritors
(beats, not just acapellas)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

two various folders of instrumentals

click here to download A

common-universal mind control
exile-soul provider
exlie-time has come
fan mail...
god of thunder..
jaylib-no money
jaylib-take it back
little brother-life of the party
pieces of peace-pollution
pieces of peace-yesterdays vision
poor righteous teachers-i swear to god
poor righteous teachers-this lie

click here to download B

cage-middle town
casual-i didn't mean to
casual-i didn't mean to-remix
casual-that's how it is
jedi mind tricks-self devine
jedi mind tricks-heavanly devine
jedi mind tricks-trinity
aesop rock-maintenance
aesop rock-boombox
aesop rock-fast cars
aesop rock-kill em all
aesop rock-labor
aesop rock-numb(to the guns)
aesop rock-number nine

Friday, August 22, 2008

Various - Downtempo Classics ('96-'03) Vol 1

Takin' a minute to look back...

This one isn't for MC's. It also isn't for anyone who's been paying careful attention to downtempo/instrumental hip-hop since Endtroducing. But if you're relatively new to the genre, it's a good introduction, and hits gems by some of the heavyweights (Shadow, RJD2, Bonobo, Four Tet, Vadim, etc). It obviously reflects my own bias of what dope downtempo sounds like (or sounded like) from predominantly hip-hop (Shadow, RJD2) to heavier jazz-influenced (Bonobo, Cinematic Orchestra) to post-rock influenced (Four Tet, Kid Loco) to electronica (Groove Armada, Talvin Singh).

Various - Downtempo Classics
***Archived fixed & re-upped

01 Cut Chemist "Layered Laird" (from Audio Alchemy)
02 DJ Frane "Every Cloud Can Cause Amazement" (from Frane's Fantastic Boat Ride)
03 Bonobo "Change Down" (from Dial M for Monkey)
04 DJ Vadim "Beyond Thought (rmx)" (from USSR Reconstruction)
05 DJ Shadow "What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 4)" (from Endtroducing)
06 Cinematic Orchestra "Channel 1 Suite" (from Motion)
07 Four Tet "The Weight of My Words (rmx)" (from Kings of Convenience's Versus)
08 RJD2 "Rain" (from Your Face or Your Kneecaps)
09 Mumbles "Lost in the Funhouse" (from Audio Alchemy)
10 Automator "Le Soleil Est Pres De Moi (rmx)" (from Air's Le Soleil Est Pres De Moi 12")
11 Peace Orchestra "The Man Pt. 1" (from Peace Orchestra)
12 Four Tet "Unspoken" (from Rounds)
13 Groove Armada "Edge Hill" (from Goodbye Country, Hello Nightclub)
14 Talvin Singh "The Traveller (rmx)" (from Kid Loco's Jesus Life for Children Under 12 Inches)
15 Kid Loco/Mogwai "Tracy (rmx)" (from Kid Loco's Jesus Life for Children Under 12 Inches)
16 Greyboy "Smokescreen" (from Mastered the Art)
17 Bonobo "Noctuary" (from Dial M for Monkey)

Look for more comps like this -- "classics" or "best of the last few years" (contributers?). My representative Shadow joint is probably different from yours, and I can already see I missed Amon Tobin in my list (and Groove Armada's "At the River" is probably more 'classic'). It's obvious that everyone has different taste in beats, but I'm sure there are joints (if not albums) that the community can come to a consensus on in terms of gem-status...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Torae - Daily Conversation (Instrumentals)

01. Callin' Me
02. Somethin' To See
03. The Journey Pt. I
04. Click
05. Fantaztik 4
06. Get It Goin'
07. Save The Day
08. Get It Done
09. Casualty

Posted in the cbox, but now an official post since it was brought up again.

Sold on the internet as mp3s with the actual album. They couldn't take out the hooks on most of these. You do get the two Primo joints if you haven't got them already.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sugoisounds - 'Solar' Beat Tape

Neo-Soul influenced beats!
If your really feeling this, you can donate using paypal at

TECHNICIANS present "Rare Instrumental : Breaks For The MC's"

Wrath Of My Madness (Remix) (Produced By DJ Premier)
Family Affair (Remix) (Produced By Pete Rock)
The Platfrom (Remix) (Produced By Eric Sermon)
It's Been A Long Time (Produced By DJ Premier)
Fall In Love (Remix) (Produced By Large Professor)
Rottin' Apple (Produced By EZ Elpee)
Holdin' It Down (Produced By Pete Rock)
Devil's Pie (Produced By DJ Premier)
I Love It (Produced By The Beatnuts)
Grand Groove (Produced By K-Def)
The Militia (Soul Brother Remix) (Produced By Pete Rock)
Makeda (Remix) (Produced By DJ Spinna And Ticklah)
Note: These are not breaks but instrumentals!!!!!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Idem - Beat Journey (2008)

There's snippets here if you want to preview before downloading the whole thing...

01. Jungle
02. Galaxy
03. Android
04. Scorpio
05. Waiting
06. Race
07. Blur And Focus
08. Gambler
09. Getto J
10. Crunch
11. Deep Thoughts
12. Relief
13. Nasty Jay
14. What?
15. Guard Chase
16. Contemplation
17. Relax
18. Anticipation
19. Waterfall
20. Gotta Get It
21. Busy
22. Flight Up North
23. Ode To 88
24. Makeway
25. Bird
26. Cadence
27. Git Drums
28. Caterpillar
29. Power Station
30. Spencer Street Station
31. No Name Beat
32. Niteclub
33. Creek
34. Trots
35. Idea
36. Ode To 86
37. B Boy Break

[link removed at artist's request -- djespionage]

Nico Suave - Suave (Instrumentals) 2001

Instrumental album from the german rapper Nico Suave.
Enjoy these smooth, jazzy, sample based beats on a high quality vinyl rip!

320 kbps

Nico Suave - Suave (Instrumentals)

A1 Slang Daddy Intro (Instrumental)
A2 's So Weit (Instrumental)
A3 100% (Instrumental)
A4 Barkeeper 2 (Instrumental)
A5 Fühl Es! (Instrumental)
B1 Lauf Der Dinge (Instrumental)
B2 Ich Bin Nicht Der... (Instrumental)
B3 Vergesslich (Instrumental)
B4 Suave (Instrumental)
C1 Briefträger-Styles (Instrumental)
C2 Ich Sage Ja! (Instrumental)
C3 Für Dich (Instrumental)
C4 Es Hängt Davon Ab (Instrumental)
D1 Jugendsünden (Instrumental)
D2 Kennst Du Das? (Instrumental)
D3 Kritiker (Instrumental)


Check him out at

Obsidian Blue

Check out his page for more downloads
He also has a couple of really dope new releases for purchase on his myspace page
Big ups to Soul for putting me on to this! :-)

Friday, August 08, 2008

Canibus - Instrumentals

I don't post as often as I used to but when I do I always come through with some shit! I don't know maybe its just me but I'm starting to see the quality of posts diminish. I hardly see any golden era shit be posted. Half the shit is from other blogs like HHB and Myspace . I always thought about all the Instrumental albums I would buy only if they were available. Theres definitely a market for Instrumental Hip Hop just look at what Large Pro & K-Def are doing. Its another avenue of revenue that Producers should start to realize & consider tapping into. On the real they should go back and re-release all that classic shit in instrumental format.

What would I buy if I could have any Instrumental album:

Smif-N-Wessun -Dah Shining
ATCQ - Low End Theory, Midnight Marauders & Beats, Rhymes & Life
LONS - Future Without A Past & T.I.M.E.
Jeru - Sun Rises & Wrath Of The Math
De La Soul - 3ft High, De La Soul Is Dead & Stakes Is High
Cypress Hill - Black Sunday
Heltah Skeltah - Nocturnal
T-Ray - Instrumental Comp
Baby Deda - The Original Baby Pa
Maestro Fresh Wes - Nah Dis Kid Can't Be From Canada
Redman - Muddy Waters
Gravediggaz - 6 Feet Deep
Funkdoobiest - Which Doobie U Be
MF Grimm - Scars & Memories
Organized Konfusion - Stress
Akinyele - Vagina Diner
Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt
House Of Pain - Self Titled & Same As It Ever Was
Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

The List could go on & on but you get the idea. Hopefully one day they will be available!

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