Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Project Mooncircle - Silent In Truth

Project Mooncircle - Silent In Truth

New compilation from the Project Mooncircle gatherative. Some new tracks from Glen Porter/Aether/40 Winks/Mr. Cooper/Dday One. A pretty good mix all around, and the track "Um" from Glen Porter is by far the show-stealer on this album, in my opinion. The way the track flows from the 1st upbeat/loud/electronic half, to the 2nd slow/quiet/mysterious guitar-filled half (starting at 2:35), really displays how Glen knows how to work his sound, & play the chords. Dude is growing on me...

I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Swollen Members, Tai & Wizard, Lewis Parker, J.Bizness

01 Killing spree (instrumental)
02 Full contact (instrumental)
03 Take it back (instrumental)
04 RPM (instrumental)
05 Bad dreams (instrumental)
06 Camouflage (instrumental)
07 Poker face (instrumental)
08 Deep end (instrumental)
09 Anthrax island (instrumental)
10 Snake bite (instrumental)
11 Total package (instrumental)
12 The reflection (instrumental)
13 Ventilate (instrumental)
14 Burns and scars (instrumental)
15 Dark riders (instrumental)
16 High road (instrumental)
17 Take it back (remix) (instrumental)


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01 Intro
02 All Good
03 Shut Shit Down
04 As Time Passes
05 My Kind
06 These Girls
07 Get 'Em
08 Back Down
09 Days Off
10 Shut Shit Down Remix


01 Theme from ''The ancients'' (instrumental)
02 Shadows of autumn (instrumental)
03 A thousand fragments (instrumental)
04 Fake charades (instrumental)
05 Casa forte (instrumental)
06 Crusades (instrumental)
07 Song of the desert (instrumental)
08 Eyes of dreams (instrumental)
09 101 pianos (instrumental)

Limited hand numbered pressing of 200. The first 50 copies were signed by Lewis Parker.

props to FSM.HHB Blog

Friday, April 17, 2009

have your people maul my people-radon calling




el producto-constellation_rmx_ft.steph_vezina__instrumental!



gift of gab-instrumental-Rat_Race!

gift of gab-instrumental-reals MCs


^one of my favorite tracks of all time...^

cali agents-The_Good_Life__Instrumental!








cali agents-Just_When_You_Thought_It_Was_Safe__Instrumental!

cali agents-The_Good_Life__Instrumental!

abstract rude-stop_biting__instrumental!

biz markie-Just_a_friend__dub_instrumental!



biz markie-Just_a_friend__instrumental(original version)!




abstract rude-shes_always_right__instrumental!







so, there is a variety of styles in beats here.. don't sleep on a few of the kat perry instrumentals(very fresh down tempo style, ala' portis head...lateef' the wreckoning is a classic, biz markie-enough said. so yeah i'll stop driveling on, enjoy. ahh one more thing for those that mix acapellas... go to

click here for acapellarchives.blogspot/

(many many MANY exclusives there and much more to come, acapellas wise..and when i say exclusive i mean, YOU can not get them anywhere and certainly not at a store.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo - Ki-Oku [1999]

Extra jazzy downtempo stuff from Krush.  Highly recommended!  This is the soundtrack you want playing when you get a handjob in a lounge from a stranger.


1 Toh-Sui
2 Tobira-1
3 Mu-Getsu
4 Ha-Doh
5 Sun Is Shining
6 Mu-Chu
7 Tobira-2
8 Fu-Yu
9 Ki-Gen
10 Ko-Ku
11 Shoh-Ka
12 Bu-Seki
13 Tobira-3


shout outs to HeyCee @ Sanpasquale

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blue Sky Black Death - The Razah's Ladder Instrumentals

01. Elevation
02. Razah's Ladder
03. The Cube
04. Halos
05. Most Merciful
06. Audiobiography
07. Pray Together
08. Poor Righteous Dreams
09. Better Than Jewelry
10. Project Prophecy
11. Painted Jezebels
12. Written In Blood
13. Stairway To Heaven
14. Sun Of Man

Update: on no post list. BALEETED

Sunday, April 12, 2009

MidiMarc & DJ Cannon Banyon "Shootin The Breeze"

Don't judge it by the bizarre cover, definitely worth checking out as MidiMarc usually comes with soulful shit. This is no exception:

(128 kb/s)

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Alright heads, another Mega-Drop from yours muthafuckin truly. Just gonna do my usual shit, post up stuff I've been feeling as of late, and hopefully some of y'all dig it. So, onto the beats.

First up we got a free album from the Exponential crew out of Texas. Most are from San Antonio. I honestly NEVER thought I'd say that Texas was my state of choice as far as music goes. That's what is SO dope about this music shit, it completely eliminates boundaries. When I listen to this album, I don't think Texas, I just think that it's Really, really good music. As far as a State goes, I can't think of another in the nation that has dropped so much consistently good music in the past few years, in the Hip/Trip Hop/Electronic genre that is. Anyway, check it out, I have been listening to it a bunch.

Antipop Artists - "Texas" <-- Right Click, Save As

Next up a new single from Emancipator that I found over on his Space... Just your usual shit from him: laid back, layered, well thought out, Great fuckin music... I had a friend refer to it as "Elevator Music" so take that as you want, but I dig his shit and CAN'T WAIT until he drops another album. I see this kid doing some serious production in the next few years. Hope you like.

Emancipator - "Black Lake"

Here we have a little EP from Leaf and one of his boys, DJ Nemeses, together they form "Deztroy". This is a nice little album in the regular Leaf fashion, dope drums over some electric/glitchy samples. Some nice shit here if you like Leaf or anything in that sound-range. I guess this is the first EP in a 5 part series, so more to come on the Deztroy tip. Enjoy.

Deztroy - "Radio EP" <-- "Track 7" is Especially dope.

Next is 2 new tracks I discovered from Glen Porter. Not so much "New" but 2 remixes of a track called "Transient" from his debut LP. This dude is FUCKIN DOPE and I wish there was more from the man. He combines Western sounding Guitar ballads with Hip Hop/Drums SO well. I got high hopes for this dude in the future, keep your eyes & ears open for new Glen Porter.

Glen Porter - "Transient" Remixes <-- Right Click, Save As

Alright, Broken is the producer for the group N9nthCloud, out of Las Vegas. I seen these dudes touring with DJ Egadz not too long ago, and they were pretty dope. Broken did a solo MPC session that night that got me more stoked on their shit, and his production. So, I snagged one album at the show, and found the other on the net. Here they both are for YOU. I prefer 48 Hours more as an album, it's his first Instrumental effort but sounds better than Message In A Bottle, In My Opinion at least.. Anyway, let us know what you think about these discs. I'm curious to see what you think about this dude.

Broken - "48 Hours"

Broken - "Message In A Bottle" **Some Lyrics On This One**

Alright, last but definitely NOT least, is muthafuckin EGADZ! This dude is so unbelievably good I can't say enough about the guy. There are few artists that truly grasp you as you listen to their shit, and I would say that everybody has to at least have one or two artists that treat them the same way. That shit you listen to by yourself, that you PREFER to listen to by yourself, that shit that you just CAN'T PUT DOWN. I have had Egadz' albums on permanent loop since I got them, a day doesn't go by where I don't listen to somethin from the dude. His shit just hits home with me. I know that A LOT of you probably wont feel the same way, but I recommend to everybody that visits this site to check his stuff out. You can buy ALL of his albums on his myspace for 17.95!!! That is ABSURD, 4 albums of some REALLY GOOD music for the cost of your average retail disc. SUPPORT!! He recently was in a car accident and had some of his equipment ruined and can use as much help as possible right now, he's only 2 TRACKS away from releasing another new album.

Anyway, that's all I'm going to say about the guy. DEFINITELY on my Top 5, and he's not going anywhere anytime soon. Try and see him live if you can, he's going to start touring again soon. I saw 2 different shows on his last tour, with a max of 30-50 heads at each sow, and he DESTROYED things @ both shows. No loss of effort from the small crowds, his shit was HOT. So check out the following vid, watch until about 1:52, that is when things get SERIOUS. I made an .mp3 of that vid from 1:52 on and that is what this "Egadz Live" track is. I hope all of you listen to Egadz more, and I hope you appreciate it as much as I do, His shit is BANGING!

Egadz - Live

Alright heads, I hope that is enough to hold you over until the next Dose! Until then.... PEACE.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Brother Ali - The Truth Is Here Instrumentals

01. Real As Can Be
02. Philistine David
03. Little Rodney
04. Palm The Joker
05. Good Lord
06. Baby Don't Go
07. Talkin' My Shit
08. The Believers
09. Begin Here

Bonus from the vinyl version of the EP. All production by Ant.


Friday, April 03, 2009

Infinitskills - Polarized

Download Here!
Dont sleep on this one!

Big ups to the Apes for the link!